10 small-scale profitable business one can start with little income in Nigeria

01. Breeding Of Goat:

Rearing of goats is lucrative because they grow very fast and get more fatter and their is a very high demand of goats in Nigeria especially those who do this ‘ASUN’ business, they purchase one or two goats on a daily basis.
It would be more profitable if you purchase a good species in large quantities.
Some even goes to the extent of castrating male goats so they can grow more bigger and fatter.

02. Rearing Of Rabbits:

Rabbit business is less competitive business which one can start with as low of 50,000.
I could remember when my grandpa do rear them, he makes nothing less than 450,000 naira monthly.
It is a very profitable business especially if you focus fully on it and talk good care of the rabbits.

03. Opening a Cafe (Computer Business Center):

In this computer age, everyone is making use of different type of computers, every information and date is stored into a computer and is produced in hard copy by the computer, and so the importance of computer can never be underestimated especially in this our present age. All you need is to rent a very spacious room that has constant light with good internet services, you could also purchase a generator incase there is power failure.
The best location to do this business is in an educational institution because students are the ones who patronize computer specialist most of the time.
And the business is usually profitable during the time of general examinations like waec and jamb and even when students newly gain admission into the university.

04. Computer Accessories sales in retail prices:

The computer is a commodity that could easily wear out or get spoilt thereby persons who operate computer frequently always tend to need different accessories urgently.
Instead of them going directly to the company producing them, they could easily purchase it from you.

05. Photography Business:

Although to start a full photographer business, you would need an amount up to a million of naira because you need to purchase some important equipments.
But you could start with a sum of 100,000 naira buy purchasing the main and cheaper equipments then as times goes on when you start gaining a lot of profit, you could start purchasing other necessary equipments.

06. Laundry :

Laundry business is a business you can start with a sum of 10,000 naira, all you need to do is to contact a graphics designer to design a poster for you which you can post around for people to know that you offer the services.
It’s not a lucrative business though but it’s quite profitable especially if you have a lot of Customers.
Then as your business grows, you could purchase other expensive equipments and hire other persons to work for you.

07. Video Game Shop:

You can start this business with a sum of 150,000 naira,you just need to get a spacious shop, then purchase the necessary equipments.
You don’t need to start looking for customers because children especially secondary school students are the one who will patronize you.

08. Hairdressing Business:

Hairdressing business is one of the trending business in Nigeria which requires mainly your skills. You just need to try to be professional, once people sees you are very good, they would always patronise you.
You just need a small amount of money to rent a shop and start your business

09. Barbing Salon:

Just like hairdressing business, barbing business is another lucrative business in Nigeria, it just requires your skills and executive equipments you make use of.
Before someone wants to have a haircut in your shop, they always look at your skills and equipments you make use of.

Always try to be buying new equipments every year.

10. Building And Selling Of Fashion accessories

Selling something which you produced with your hands is quite great because as far as you keep producing it, your money keeps flowing in.

And this is more profitable than buying and reselling of products because you can give your products any price you desire.


Always try to attend to Customers in a nice manner so as to make them to keeping patronizing you.

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