10 Things To Never Do In An Interview

10 Things To Never Do In An Interview

Looking forward to selling yourself? Job interviews are one of the best places to do that. Now, if your résumé and cover letter have been impressive enough to get you an interview, the job could be yours-provided you perform well at the interview.

They have trained your interviewer to identify key signals to help them determine if you have the skillset and appropriate temperament to fit into the organisation and execute your job. The company will most likely have several other applicants interviewing for the role, and limited time to fill the position, so it’s essential for them to take all things into consideration during the interview process.

It is okay to be uncomfortable at first, remember that even the most seasoned professional can get flustered and spoil their chances, so with a little preparation, you can avoid these common interview blunders. There are some things you must not do in a job interview, and below are some of these: Not Researching A major mistake you can make is not doing enough research about the company you are going to for an interview. You need to know the core of the business, what they do, their mission statement. When you check these, you will know how to key into what they do. Find out who the competition and major players in the market are.

Dressing Inappropriately Understandably, times are changing. However, for your interviews, dress appropriately and look responsible. The way you dress says a lot about who you are and you do not want your interviewer to have the wrong impression. Don’t forget, first impressions matter. Not Being Punctual NEVER go to your interview late, it says all the wrong things about you. However, if things beyond your control come up, send a mail or reach out to your interviewer. Not informing your interviewer and being careless shows you do not respect the time of your interviewer. Poor Body Language Being fidgety will not get you the desired language, but when you smile, maintain eye contact, and keep a cheerful demeanour, you will get what you want. Also, it feels like you know what you are doing and confidence works in getting what you want. Speaking Negatively About Your Previous Employers No matter what you must have gone through in your previous place of work, do not speak ill about your previous employers. Avoid words that are negative, it shows professionalism, and that is what you want the interviewer to see.

Cursing As said earlier, times are changing, however, don’t get too familiar and start using unaccepted language. Keep everything professional. Do not get too familiar with your interviewer and lose yourself. Lying On Your Resumé There is always a need to impress your interviewer and at least bag an interview, however, you cannot keep up with the lies. When you send in your resumé, send in your exact education status, what you have done and what you can do. Rambling Before you answer the questions, take your time. You might be flustered and just want to get done with the interview, hence, you might be in a rush. No matter how tense you are, remember, you can do the job, you are capable and they would be lucky to have you on board. So do not ramble, be calm, and think before answering the questions. Interrupting Your Interviewer Interviews can be nerve-wracking and could make you appear and become overly enthusiastic. Regardless of how excited you are to list off your accomplishments and ideas for the company, which you would be allowed to do at some point, it is important to listen intently and pay close attention to what your interviewer is saying. Do not interrupt your interviewer or make them feel inadequate. When it’s your turn, share all your ideas, or revisit any of the points the interviewer brought up that will help position you as the perfect candidate. Using Your Phone Putting your phone or smartwatch on vibrate will not suffice because a buzzing device can be distracting. You will have to excuse yourself while you dig in your bag to silence your phone, or constantly look down at your watch as the notifications roll in. Any type of unnecessary interruption is distracting and can make you come across as unprofessional and unprepared. When choosing between two nearly perfect candidates, this type of incident could be the reason you don’t make the cut. So put your phone on silent till you are done with the interview, the short period off your phone will not harm you. All the best as you navigate through life.

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