Best Paying Jobs in Canada 2022

Paying Jobs in Canada
Best Paying Jobs in Canada 2022

If you currently relocated to Canada, and you are in search of Paying Jobs in Canada then this writeup is a must-read.

Business, engineering, and science are predicted for the most lucrative careers in Canada. A college degree or similar experience is required for the highest-paying employment, although many entry-level roles still pay well. Salaries can range from very high to extremely high, depending on your location and profession.

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Canadians can make a solid living in a wide variety of occupations. With the perfect combination of qualifications and experience, you may land one of the best-paying jobs in Canada. There are fifteen high-paying careers in Canada in 2022 that we will cover in this post.

Best Paying Jobs in Canada 2022

Here are the top Best Paying Jobs in Canada in 2022

1. Senior Software Engineer

Salary range: A pay scale ranging from $100,000 to $172,000 is available

In Canada, there is a high need for software developers. Software engineers have an average yearly salary of $122,050, although some make as much as $172,000 in their profession. 

One of the nicest aspects of working in this field is that there is no requirement for an advanced degree. Most employers prefer someone with prior experience, although a formal college degree may sometimes be required.

You can begin your career by completing a three- or four-year degree program. Additionally, you can earn a Ph.D. or a master’s degree. You can expect to make around $80,000 annually as a new software engineer.

To be considered a senior software engineer, you must have worked in your profession for at least five years. Although this profitable career demands a lot of effort, keep in mind that the software engineering industry is continuously evolving. You will need to keep learning new skills to earn a decent salary.

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2. Actuarial manager

Salary range: Between $112,125 and $220,000 a year.

Are you fascinated by numbers? Consider a job in the field of actuarial studies. An actuarial manager’s primary responsibility is to assess risks and their resulting implications; however, they are also responsible for budget management, project prioritization, and overall progress monitoring.

Becoming an actuarial manager takes years of training and experience. To become an actuary manager, you must first have a bachelor’s degree; however, 34.8% of actuarial managers have also earned a master’s degree.

 A four-year college degree is required to work as an actuarial manager. As an actuary or actuarial analyst, you may have to work your way up to a managerial position before becoming an actuary manager.

On the bright side, actuarial managers are in high demand, and even some of Canada’s largest corporations are looking for them. Some of Canada’s best actuarial managers earn upwards of $220,000 annually, making their position one of the most lucrative in the country.

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3. Chief Operations Officer

Salary range: From $90,000 to $183,000 per year

This challenging position may eventually lead to a position as CEO (CEO). Some Chief Operations Officers (COO) earn up to $183,000 a year, while others make less than half of that amount. COOs typically have many staff working under them and report directly to the CEO. Canadian chief operating officers enjoy additional privileges, including paid holidays and sizable cash incentives.

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4. Cyber Security Engineer

Salary range: From $120,063-$148,883 per year

Because cyber security is a pressing issue, it is no surprise that there is a strong demand in Canada for cyber security engineers, with some earning over $148,883 a year in salary. Cyber security experts execute various security-related duties to safeguard devices, networks, and services against harmful digital assaults. To succeed, you’ll have to deal with a lot of stress.

Most of the country’s cyber security engineers are in their early twenties, and some organizations hire people without a college degree. To obtain Canada’s highest-paying job, you need the proper credentials and experience to support your claims, and a college education may prove to be advantageous.

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5. Chief Information Officer

Salary range: Between $141,742 and $186,755 each year.

This is a fascinating role since it entails various unusual duties, such as managing the IT department’s procedures, technology, and personnel. Most Chief Information Officers (CIOs) earn an annual salary of $152,525.

More and more firms are scrambling to employ the finest CIOs as digital becomes a fundamental capability. Because of the increasing demand for this profession, most employers now prefer candidates with at least ten years of experience. If you want to work as a CIO immediately after graduating, you’ll have to work up the corporate food chain.

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6. General Dentist

Salary range: Between $119,250 and $275,000 each year is the salary range.

Several provinces in Canada are suffering from a scarcity of dentists. Even though it’s one of the best-paying professions in Canada, becoming a dentist isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Before enrolling in dentistry school, students must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in science, and they must also pass admission tests and conduct internships as part of their education. In Canada, general dentists must get a license before they practice.

On the bright side, one can earn as much as $275,000 for their efforts. A general dentist may provide a wide range of services when diagnosing and treating dental problems. Over $350,000 a year is earned by oral surgeons who conduct more difficult procedures such as tooth extractions. To become an oral surgeon, you’ll need to complete an additional four years of education.

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7. Director Of Data Science

Salary range: From $165,500 to $253,500 per year

This rapidly expanding sector pays well, with top firms paying salaries of over $250,000. You can’t get employed as a Director of Data Science right away because it is a high-level post; instead, you must obtain some experience and work your way up the ladder. The average tenure of a worker before reaching this level is 8 to 10 years, and some employers actively seek candidates with greater experience.

A Ph.D. or master’s degree is also often required for this role. Most people who take this path work as data science engineers after graduation and continue to obtain experience and education to progress further. Establishing, organizing, and executing the general goals and policies of the data science function will be your responsibility as a Data Science Director.

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8. Family physician

Salary range: From $254 909 – $397 850 per year

Medical school graduates and anesthesiologists are well-versed in the field of anesthesia. Before they may practice as an anesthesiologist, they must finish a fellowship program. Most people earn roughly $308,000 a year, however, some individuals make over $400,000. Consequently, it is a well-paid position in Canada.

An anesthesiologist works in a hospital and is responsible for controlling pain and administering anesthesia to patients. A surgeon’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the patient’s needs are met before, during, and after surgery. As a result of a labour shortage, the industry’s wages have risen, making it a lucrative career choice now and into the future.

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9. Cardiologist

Salary Range: Per year: $300,000 up to $448,376

More people are turning to psychiatry to treat their mental health problems. The medical specialty of psychiatry encompasses the treatment of both mental and physical health issues. Experts in this field have training in the mental and physical aspects of mental illness.

Based on where they work and their experience, psychiatric professionals may earn up to $448,376 per annum today. Many professionals may be found in medical facilities and various government and non-profit institutions, such as social service organizations and courts.

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10. Anaesthesiologist

Salary range: $254,909 to $397,850

Anaesthesiologists are qualified doctors with graduate degrees from medical school, and they must also complete a fellowship program before working as an anesthesiologist. Most make around $308,000 per year with some making close to $400,000. This makes it one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. 

Anaesthesiologists usually work in hospitals and are needed to manage pain and administer anesthesia. They evaluate, supervise, and monitor patient care before, during, and after surgery and often lead teams. The field has rapidly grown in the last few years and is currently facing a shortage, which has pushed salaries higher, making it a good career choice in and beyond 2022. 

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11. Psychiatrist

Salary range: Between $308,750 to $400,000 a year.

Another high-paying employment in Canada is in high demand and is experiencing scarcity. Orthopedic surgeons are responsible for preventing, diagnosing, and treating musculoskeletal problems. Many specialize in one area, such as the hip or the knee, although they can also be generalists.

In Canada, orthopedic surgeons may make up to $400,000 a year, but it will take years of practice to get there. As a rookie surgeon, you may earn about $300,000 annually. You’ll need at least 14 years of post-high-school study and training to obtain a degree and license in orthopedics.

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12. Orthopaedic surgeon

Salary range: The annual salary ranges from $105,876 to $54.30 an hour. Inexperienced professionals may earn up to $136,403 a year, while entry-level occupations pay $89,523 each year.

If you have expertise in application programming, you can expect a salary of at least $100,000 a year, with the potential to earn much more based on the size of your team, where you work, and the company you work for.

These professions are well-paid because they need a wide range of skills, including the ability to manage teams and mentor junior team members. An application programming manager’s team may also be responsible for maintaining and upgrading the technology that powers an entire company.

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13. Application Programming Manager

Salary range: $105,876 per year or $54.30 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $89,523 annually, while most experienced workers make up to $136,403 per year.

Application programming managers with experience can earn more than $100,000 per year, and those with experience may be able to earn even more depending on how big their teams are, where they work and what type of employer they have.

These positions pay well because they rely on extensive experience, knowledge of multiple types of programming, and the ability to lead teams and junior coach analysts. Application programming managers also take on a large burden, as their teams may be responsible for maintaining and improving the technology that runs an entire business.

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14. Marketing Director

Salary range: An annual salary of up to $95,250, or $48.85 an hour, is the average. The starting salary for entry-level employment is $73,899 per year, while the annual salary for the most experienced professionals is $143,211.

Multiple teams may be supervised by marketing directors in charge of marketing departments. They must be able to work together with managers and other team members to establish complete branding and communication plans, taking into account all aspects of marketing, including conventional, digital, and disruptive technology.

It’s common for marketing directors to have worked their way up from lower-level roles in the marketing field. They’re paid well in part because they’re in charge of the company’s brand messaging, which may make or ruin a company.

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15. Cloud Architect

Salary: between $121 and $125 per hour

More experienced cloud architects and engineers may expect to make approximately $100,000 annually. Cloud architecture does not have to be the only area of expertise; networking and data management knowledge can also be useful.

Because it takes so much effort to become a viable contender for these roles, the salary is high. A four-year degree or a comparable combination of education and experience is normally required for the position of cloud architect. Candidates may be required to have certificates that can only be obtained through extensive examination (which might be costly).

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As a result, engineering, technology, and science positions in Canada will pay the most in 2022, according to the report. Over the next two years, the economy is expected to increase by over 9 percent, providing many opportunities for people needing a well-paying job. 

They are some of the most sought-after jobs in the country. Those looking to move or further their careers may find that working in one of these fields is an excellent alternative.

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