Building an Effective Ecommerce Website team – The best Guidelines.

Ecommerce Websites has different niches and dimensions, many build an ecommerce Websites to earn a passive income while some just have passion for it and feel like sharing some useful informations to the world.
But think of it, why are there over thousands of Websites out there, some websites have been existing for almost 15 to 20 years now, some would say that they joined blogging to turn their passion to a passive income.
With any simple CMS like blogger and WordPress, one could easily start a website.
Now the question is that, are you writing to make your website professional and popular?, or you are writing for just writing sake.
Another question is that are you writing for the benefits of the society? or you are writing because of your selfish interests of making more money.
Going to the main topic, is building a team for my ecommerce that necessary?. The truthful answer is that it’s not necessary but very important and advantageous if you want your blog to grow.
Many would want to argue with me that Neil Patel write all his blog posts by himself without any team and he is doing well, Neil Patel have been blogging for over 15 years and have acquired a lot of knowledge which would enable him control over two or more blogs by himself because he have acquired enough experience.
When we look at other blogs out there backlinko, hubspot, Search engine journal, ahrefs and moz e.t.c, even with thier experiences in the blogging system, they still have professional teams whom are working for them.
So without wasting much time, i would explain different skillful persons you need in your ecommerce Website team.

Keyword researcher

Having a Keyword researcher in your ecommerce Website team is very important although it depends on the niche your website is about, if it’s a website which source for latest happening and trends in the country, then you would need a social media researcher for that job.
In our present era, there have been some artificial intelligence tools developed by tech geeks which does the work of Keyword researching.
Nevertheless a Keyword researcher would still be needed because tools can not be relief on only that so it’s better you hire one and make some special tools available for the person to deliver an effective job.

Content writer.

A content writer does the main job on your website, as we all know CONTENT IS KING, your blog contents is the crucial part of your website which must be given great attention to.
You might want to ask that how many contents writers is needed, that depends on the categories of topics your website publishes about, but I would advise you employ a specialist. For example if a writer specializes mainly on business tips, it’s better you employ someone like that.
Also when employing one, you must make sure you employ the one who have knowledge on search engine optimization or you could just employ them like that and train them later.

On-page SEO specialist.

This is very important and necessary for any successful ecommerce Website, even when the contents writer have published a well optimized article, it doesn’t stop there,a on-page search engine optimization specialist is needed because the job isn’t complete.
The on-page SEO specialist reviews the contents, optimizes it for the Keyword the article is all about.
They Also make sure that the article is linked with different related page on the website and other websites.
They also give the title section an attractive and Sensitive title, they also add a well detailed meta information about the article.
One on-page SEO specialist is enough for a website.

Technical SEO specialist.

This is also very important for any website, a web designer building your website and making the layouts attractive doesn’t stays with you forever, the website is still prone to have some technical issues that’s why it is very important to hire a technical SEO specialist.
Google ranks page which loads faster than other pages, also when you website fast it helps users to stay longer on your website thereby reducing the bounce rates.
He or she makes and optimize the website to loads very fast both on mobile and desktop.
He or she also makes sure they aren’t any broken links or URL issues on the website.

Off-page SEO specialist.

This is also very important for any website which wants to rank well on Google.
An off-Page SEO specialist builds quality and effective backlinks to your website..
He or she does this by sending several websites relating to your niche, tell them give backlinks to your site for some articles.
Although Google still sees this as illegal, but when your article is of high quality, I don’t see any reason why it should be illegal.
He or she also goes to top websites related to your Niche and looks for broken links, message the website owners to replace those broken links with your website.

Website auditor.

You don’t need a website auditor because there are some sophisticated tools out there which helps in doing this.
And if you think it is still necessary, you could hire one.


With a team of specialist, you website would be sure to do well on search engines.
Blogging is like investment, more like a business, you invest in building your blog and after your blog must have been popular and getting huge amount of traffic, you start making money recovering the amount you invested.

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