Capegate Investment Ltd announces plans to build 10MW waste- to-power plant in Kano

Capegate Investment Ltd announces plans to build 10MW waste- to-power plant in Kano

A Nigerian Company, Capegate Investment Limited, has announced plans to build one of the first waste-to-power plants in Nigeria. Alhaji Bello Abba-Yakasai, the company’s COO, revealed the company’s plans to generate 10 megawatts of electricity from waste in Kano, according to a report by the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday, adding that the company would set up three waste conversion industries in 2022 to generate power and produce fertilizer.

Next year, we will generate 10 megawatts of electricity and in the next five years will yield up to 150 megawatts for Kano and Jigawa,” he said.

We intend to establish three major industries; one is what we call a transfer station where all the wastes which include plastic, metals and aluminium among others, will be sorted. “The waste sorted out will be recycled or transformed into other products.

“The next phase is the diversification industry, where we turn the non-usable materials into gas to power our turbine and provide electricity.

Under this industry, we hope to generate 10 megawatts by next year,” he added.

He stated that the third industry it planned to operate is a fertilizer industry, stating that food waste and bio-waste would be turned into organic fertilizer, which is safer health-wise on crops and human consumption.

What you should know

Waste-to-Power is a clean energy system used by cities globally to convert waste into electricity, with the daily waste gathered and sorted to get rid of metals, plastics and other materials deemed fit for waste and burnt, with the steam used to power a turbine.

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