Cheapest Flight Companies in Egypt | Best picks 2022-2023

We will be reviewing the best, top-rated and Cheapest Flight companies in Egypt. Let’s go on a trip through the gorgeous country and city of Egypt and let us show you some of the best flight options.

If you can think about one of the most beautiful nations in Africa and worldwide, Call Egypt, we’d be happy to like to agree with you.

Egypt isn’t just beautiful but also home to one of the most massive oleanders that people flock to visit.

Every year, Egypt receives at least 10,000 tourists visiting some top tourist destinations.

You’d like to travel, but you’ve looked in your wallet and are aware that the funds you have may not be enough to cover all of your needs.

Travelling to Egypt is an enormous amount of money as the airfares are expensive and aren’t affordable.

In the article, we’ve found solutions to the problem of flights that are expensive for those who are planning to visit Egypt.

All you have to do is read the article to the end to understand the critical point.

What is a Flight Company?

When you think of companies that offer the transportation you need to reach your destination, this is the service offered by flight companies.

Airlines make use of planes to deliver these services. In addition, they might form alliances or partnerships with other airlines to offer and run the same flights.

The most common way to recognize a company is through the air operating certification or license issued by an aviation agency that is a government-owned organization. Airlines are chartered or scheduled.

Many kinds of airlines could be called an airline. It’s the same as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Fly Emirate, etc.

It is in my highest interest to inform you Egypt Airlines was the first airline to operate in the Middle East area of the globe. When it first began, it was only operating domestic and international flights.

Other airlines, however, have caught the attention of travellers. The list of airlines in Egypt with good services is given below.

Cheapest Flight Companies in Egypt

We will provide you with the names of businesses operating in Egypt which offer low-cost flight tickets.

You do not have to worry about airport tickets being expensive since this applies to domestic and international flights.

Air Arabia Egypt

The first airline on our list will be Air Arabia Egypt. This is one of the best and cheapest airlines in Egypt.

They only offer two services, one of which is economy class, and the other is business class.

The airport is in Alexandria Burj Al Arab, where it can start and fly to three significant destinations, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

If you reside or plan to go to any of these locations, think about using Air Arabia Egypt to enjoy a low-cost and comfortable flight.

One of the best ways they’ve been able to get praise and love from their customers is through discount offers.

It’s hard to imagine any firm that deals in travel and flight to offer you discounts on the cost of their ticket; however, Air Arabia gives a 10% discount on the price of your flight ticket when you use coupons.


Here are a few of the top services that they offer with the airline

  • Well-stocked and good-quality Sky Mall
  • Luxurious air Cafe
  • Magazine in case you’d like to read
  • Legroom space

You’ll get one of the best seats for the Economy Class seats. 32 inches of space

The business class, however, provides a comfortable seating area with ample space. The only feature they have yet to provide is WiFi.

To make a reservation for Air Arabia Egypt, kindly click HERE 

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Cairo Air

Still one of the Cheapest flights or airlines, it is a great airline that provides its customers with the chance to travel without worrying about the best way to pay for a flight ticket.

You will receive the highest quality services; in the end, it’s an airline owned by the government.

The hotel is located in located at Cairo international airport, Sheraton

If you’re looking to travel and would like to take advantage of Air Cairo or better referred to as Egypt Air, you can make reservations online and book a flight for yourself.


  • A comfortable legroom
  • Great food and drink
  • Room for relaxation large enough
  • The best-in-class service
  • The special assistant of pregnant women
  • Each passenger will have their screen

In this place, you’ll receive things like kits or gifts and be allowed to go in with your pet.

Of course, they offer business and economy classes as we know that business classes come with many things to do.

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Alexandria Airline

Another significant and cheap airline operating in Egypt is that you should fly this time because it’s private aircraft.

The maintenance provided for this aircraft isn’t similar to any government-owned flight.

You can enjoy one of the best experiences and a comfortable seat using Alexandria Air. It is also possible to travel around the globe.

As with every flight, you can choose a first-class or business class. They also have the first class, which comes with additional amenities.


  • Special treatment for women who are pregnant.
  • Great food and drink
  • A personal screen for each passenger
  • Seats with a comfortable feel
  • Bags of free bags and other items
  • You can choose your seat online

This and many more are the things you’ll enjoy with this airline.

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AMC Airline

This is the first private or independent airline ever to touch down in Egypt and is operated by an engineering group. Their goal will inform you that there is no need to worry about the maintenance of your flight because it’s already taken care of every day.


  • Flight Mall
  • Flight Bar
  • Flight Food
  • Bags and other items
  • Special care is required for pregnant women.
  • Roomy and spacious for on-board.

Both their Business and Economy class are reasonably priced, and you can fly to any country worldwide via AMC Airlines.


How do I find the Cheapest airline tickets in Egypt?

If you want to fly on some of the Cheapest airlines in Egypt, you must read this article until the very end. Egypt is home to one of the Cheapest flights around the globe.

What is the price of a plane ticket to Egypt?

If you fly directly to Egypt is more than that, depending on the airline you use.

How long will it take for Nigeria to empty?

If you take the flight takes less than 4 hours and 12 minutes to travel from Nigeria to Egypt after departing from Nigeria.


We’ve given you a listing of the Cheapest airlines that operate in Egypt for those who wish to fly to Egypt for business purposes.

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