Check How Students From Nigeria Study in UK Universities For Cheap!

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Check How Students From Nigeria Study in UK Universities For Cheap!

It’s never a better moment to reside in a different country than as an undergraduate.

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Being an international scholar allows you to get an education of the highest quality and will enable you to experience diverse cultures and acquire world-class life skills. The best part is that you can go abroad to study on an affordable budget, particularly when you select the right college and make smart financial decisions. Find out how you can afford to learn overseas by conducting the Internet.

There are plenty of educational institutions in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

Find online today to evaluate universities and locate an academic program to help you achieve your literary ambitions.

How to Minimize Costs

Attend School in a Less Expensive City

Apart from your airfare, The most costly part of your study abroad experience will be the living expenses. Everything from housing to utilities will differ between locations. For example, choosing large cities such as London and Toronto will cost you more than residents living in smaller towns outside the cities.

This being said, ensure you compare the living costs before signing up for a particular school. Find out what the cost averages include in everything from meals to the Internet. Costs of living add up, and you can save money by selecting cheaper cities to attend classes in.

Get a Part-Time Job

It’s common for post-secondary students across North America and the U.K. to work part-time in addition to full-time study. A maximum of 15 hours per week could assist in paying for expenses and perhaps some additional spending money. Additionally, working part-time could increase your professional profile and allow you to connect with new people on the campus.

Certain universities might even offer part-time work opportunities for students looking to be on campus, for instance, in the bookshop or even as an instructor.

Live Off-Campus

There is no requirement to be on campus for a satisfying college experience. Instead, you can stay away from campus and save the cost. Dorm rooms are more expensive generally. Living outside of campus reduces the cost of costly meal plans that students are expected to purchase while living in dorms.

Apartments with furnished rooms are available and cheaper spaces than dorms on campus. Find online students looking for roommates or other resources that can assist students in finding housing within the area of their university.

Cook at Home

It’s tempting to take out for dinner or even go to the local coffee shop each day. But, the costs can be high, and you may consider making an effort to cook your meals at home.

It is possible to save money by buying groceries at the store and meal planning for the week. Make sure you have an efficient coffee maker, and you’ll not be tempted to spend $5 each day for something that you could make as well at home.

Sign Up for Student Discount Cards

There are many benefits to being an undergraduate. One benefit is the number of discounts offered. It is possible to sign up for student cards that help you save money on food, clothing insurance, and more.

The majority of cards come with an annual fee that grants access to discounts. For example, you can use the ISE Card provides discounts at attractions, museums and transport around the globe. Another alternative could be to use ISIC Card, which is the ISIC Card, which gives you deals on flights and technology, food and entertainment.

Universities to Consider

Check How Students From Nigeria Study in UK Universities For Cheap!

University of British Columbia

International Enrollment Cost: INR 5.2 Lakh to INR 22 Lakh

Over 18,000 international students from 166 nations are enrolled at UBC. University of British Columbia (UBC). The Canadian school has been placed as one of the 20 top universities for public students around the globe.

UBC has two campuses. One is located in Vancouver The other is located in the Okanagan Valley.

University of Toronto

International Enrollment Cost: INR 4.2 Lakh to INR 30 Lakh

With more than 980 courses of study and 90,077 students, The University of Toronto is one of Canada’s top institutions. The overall students comprised 23,019 international students from 159 different countries and various regions of the world. The programs are offered on the campuses in the downtown areas of Toronto, Scarborough, and Mississauga.

Dalhousie University

International Cost of Enrollment: INR 4.5 Lakh to INR 9 Lakh per period

The East shore, located on the east coast of Canada, situated in Nova Scotia, is Dalhousie University. It has over 200 courses, making it the largest range of classes available in Atlantic Canada. Nearly 20,000 learners study at the three campuses of the university situated in Halifax’s heart. Halifax.

Leeds Trinity University

International Enrollment Cost: INR 9.8 Lakh to INR 12.4 Lakh

Leeds Trinity University has offered a student-centred higher education for over 50 years. Nearly 97 per cent of the graduates from Leeds are employed or go on to pursue additional studies within 15 months of having graduated.

London Metropolitan University

International Enrollment Cost: INR10.3 Lakh to INR 14 Lakh

Students who want to attend a university in a bustling city should think about going to London Metropolitan University. It’s a school that is diverse, with 147 nationalities in students. The campus is situated within the heart of London, which is recognized as among the top cities worldwide for students at universities.

University of Cumbria

International Enrollment Cost: INR 7.8 Lakh to INR 16 Lakh

The top 10 universities for educating executives include one of them, the University of Cumbria. It has campuses throughout the U.K., including Lancaster, Carlisle, Ambleside and London. About 96 per cent of graduates find employment within six months after graduating in one of their numerous professional programs.

Western Michigan University

International Enrollment Cost: INR 19.4 Lakh

The campus is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Western Michigan University is home to students worldwide. The student population is 8.3 per cent. This figure includes more than $6.4 million awarded to international students between 2015 through 2016. Alongside a variety of 256 undergraduate and grad courses, you can also be a part of more than 400 student groups and 32 clubs for sports on campus.

University of Minnesota Morris

International Enrollment Cost: INR 17.7 Lakh

Those looking for a smaller-town university experience should consider Morris, home to the University of Minnesota Morris. The campus is located in Morris, approximately two and a half hours to the west of Minneapolis, with 5,400 residents. There are 35 minors and 34 majors to pick from and more than 120 student-run organizations.

Rice University

International Enrollment Cost: INR 36.7 Lakh

One of the top privately-owned universities in the U.S., Rice University is home to over 300 acres in Houston, Texas. The student-to-faculty ratio of six-to-one provides students with plenty of opportunities to study from leaders and build connections. If you’re not in class, you can join any of the numerous communities on campus with intercollegiate sports and many other activities.

Learn More About International Study Online

There are many schools you can choose from when you want to study abroad. The U.S., U.K., and Canada all have schools waiting to welcome international students and assist them in achieving a high-quality education.


If you’re trying to find a specific program of interest, conduct your search online. It is possible to browse the catalogues of classes and find out more about the costs associated with studying abroad. Check out what every school offers and make an application to your top schools now.

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