Climate change: Nigeria, 3 others to receive £16.2 million grant from UK

Nigeria, alongside Ghana, Indonesia and Vietnam will receive the sum of £16.2 million from the UK Government in grants to combat rising plastic waste issues and climate change, under the Blue Planet Fund.

This was disclosed in a statement by UK’s Environment Secretary, George Eustice on Friday evening, reported by the British High Commission in Lagos, they added that the grant would be from the UK’s £500 million Blue Planet Fund, and would help tackle plastic pollution and decline of global coral reefs in Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia and Vietnam.

What the UK Environment Secretary said

“Our shared ocean is a vital resource and provides habitat to precious marine life, as well as supporting the livelihoods of one in every 10 people worldwide,” he said.

Head of Climate Change and Energy, West Africa, Sean Melbourne, added that the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to shape a more sustainable and inclusive world through the eradication of plastic pollution.

“It is uniquely equipped to bring together public, private and civil society leaders to develop joint solutions to the plastic pollution crisis that are both pragmatic and ambitious,” Melbourne said.

The UK Government added that the scheme would be financed by its overseas aid budget, citing issues related to marine pollution, including plastic pollution, which threatens key species and ecosystems in the world’s ocean and also affects the health and livelihoods of those living in coastal regions.

“In the run up to the UK hosting the COP26 climate talks in November, the government is working with developing countries to take action to protect and restore our oceans.

“Over 80 countries, including Nigeria and several other West African states, now support the marine protection target,” they added.

What you should know

Recall Nairametrics reported in June that the Federal Government, through the Federal Executive Council (FEC), approved the revised National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) and National Climate Change Programme in Nigeria.

The Minister of Environment added that the new National Policy on Climate Change, with its programmatic plan of action, is expected to run through 2021-2030. The objective of the new policy is to implement mitigation measures and promote low-carbon, high-growth economic development.

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