Fast selling products you can start a business with in Nigeria

On a daily basis people planning on starting a trading business do think of what they can be buying and selling that would yield a great profit.

You are lucky if you are reading this article, I would be listing some products you can start selling that would yield a great profit.

Although people selling this products are very many but if you have a good strategy and targeting the right location,you would surely be successful.

Electronics goods

You can hardly do without finding one or two electronics in someone house, that means that there is really great demand for electronics as people see how electronics is of great importance and how it has been having great impact on thier daily lives.

Even as the world is becoming more technologically developed, different kinds of electronics are being developed and this has been making live very easy for people.

Television and videos sets : You can hardly do without finding a television in someone house  starting from LED TVs, Smart TVs , DVD players, PlayStation e.t.c.

Cameras:  Not only photographers buy cameras, people also buy it for thier personal use or business sakes starting from digital cameras, video surveillance, camcorders and projectors.

Generators and portable power supply machines: Some partially developed countries make use of this machines due to unstable power supplies, this serves as back-ups e.gv Generators, stabilizers inverters, solar power.

Audio sets: Almost everyone listen to music daily with different audio sets e.g Bluetooth speakers, sound bars, home theratres.

Musical instruments: Church organisations and musical studios make use of musical instruments like drum sets Guitar, keyboard and konga .


Everyone wants to look good and nice so they make sure they decorate themselves with different fashionable stuffs.

Nowadays tailors design beautiful clothing styles just to create a special type of clothing.
Almost everyone wears fashion stuffs

Men’s Fashion: Unlike women who can wear up to 5 jewelries and clothing, men just prefer something that looks cool and smart on thier body e.g  T-Shirts & Polos, Jeans, Corporate Suites, Watches and shoes.

Women’s Fashion: Women can combine up to 10 different kind of fashionable stuffs on thier body just to make themselves beautiful e.g make-ups, jewelries, scarfs, rings ,shoes, handbags,wigs e.t.c.

Health And Beauty products.

This types of products are always on a greater demand because people can not just do without it. They are natural products needed to maintain the inner and outer parts of the body system.

Companies now produce more of these stuffs even though some mixes some artificial stuffs to make it looks more Sophisticated.

Beauty & Personal Care products: Now people seek for different types of creams starting for skin care creams, hair creams and other body related creams

Dietary Supplement: Different dietary supplements are being produced, Weight loss and gain products, Minerals & Vitamins e.t.c.

Baby Products.

More than hundreds of babies are being born daily and there is always great demand for baby products.

Even some stalls have made it easier by having an online store, you could just shop through the online store, pick the necessary equipments then place an order, within 3 days your goods should have been delivered to your doorstep.
Baby products include baby clothings, baby bathing equipments


I don’t think any one could do without making use of these products, the products is an everyday commodity that is being used by people.
There is always a great demand for these products that is why it is been sold almost everywhere.

Home cleaning: We wash dishes and clothings almost 3 to 4 times a week and we make use of Cleaning products, and dishwashing.

Laundry stuffs:  These products are being used daily e.g Detergents, Liquid soaps.

Toiletries: We use this products on a daily basis e.g soaps and shower, men’s grooming and feminine hygiene.

Beverages:  This serves as breakfast e.gcoffee, tea, wine, soft drinks.

Phones And Accessories

Phone products are the fast selling products in Nigeria.
In this our present era that phone now makes communication fast and easy not to talk of Smartphone which makes research and communication more easier.
Phone and accessories are of different brands,there are also very cheap and affordable phones.
It is indeed a very Lucrative business to start.

Computing devices.

In these our computerized era, people make use of computers everyday to ease daily digital activities.
Almost all business make uses of computers to help thier business.
Even some school examinations is now computerized.
There is always a daily demand for computers and other computing devices.
There is also demand for computer accessories because some computers are prone to be developing different kind of faults.

Gaming devices.

Almost every children and youths love computer games.
There are different shops that allows children to come play games for certain amount of money.

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