Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada 2022

Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada
Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada 2022

looking for Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada you can do part-time and make money? don’t worry, we got you covered.

According to a Glassdoor analysis, accountants, software engineers, and web developers are the most highly compensated unskilled positions in Canada. Accountants make on average $72,910 a year, software engineers make on average $115,160 a year, and web developers make $96,370 a year in Canada.

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A lot of careers in Canada are deemed low-skilled yet pay well nonetheless.

Some Of Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada

The report found that some of Canada’s highest-paying low-skilled occupations are in the service and agriculture industries. For unemployed Canadians looking for a job that pays well and offers good hours, these occupations may be a good option.

Agronomists and Farmhands

Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada is that of the general agricultural laborer. Exporting agricultural employees to Canada’s rural economy to work on farms across the country is a specialty of a few companies.

Workers at General Farm Workers have the most flexible contracts and are well-known for changing their contracts almost daily, which ensures that even if your present firm goes out of business, you may find a better job.

Opportunities for farm workers in general


Janitors clean schools, offices, and hospitals, as well as libraries. Cleaning windows, mopping floors, vacuuming, emptying trash cans and dusting are some of the tasks they perform.

 Janitors may work after hours or before, so they might be responsible for locking and securing the property. A few janitors may also do minor repairs or maintain stock of cleaning supplies.

Stocking associate

Stocking associates organize, receive, and maintain inventory for retail businesses. They can work in a warehouse, or at a retail location. Stocking associates use inventory management software to maintain stock, order new supplies and perform inventory checks. 

They might also operate forklifts to transport and organize bulk shipments. Retail associates may have to answer customer questions, arrange displays, and fill stock on the sales floor.

Security guard

Security guards are responsible to ensure the safety of personnel and property. They patrol buildings and grounds, and use surveillance equipment to receive deliveries, monitor buildings, and allow entry to staff and visitors. 

Regular logs and reports are kept by security guards to track who was present on the property, verify that equipment is functioning properly, and record any incidents.

Farm worker

Farmworkers tend livestock and manage crops. Farmworkers often use heavy farm machinery to clear the land, sow seeds, and lay irrigation pipes. They might also harvest crops manually. Many farmworkers use pesticides to control weeds, insects, and fungi. They clean, inspect, feed, and inspect livestock.

Mail processor

Mail processors are responsible to receive, sort, and routing mail. Although they are usually employed in the post office, they may also work with third-party shipping companies and business mailrooms. They often calibrate, repair, and calibrate mail sorting and labeling equipment. Tracking software and other logs may be used to track incoming and outgoing mail.

Sales Representative

Clients are sold goods and services by sales representatives. To help clients find the right product for them, they use their communication skills and customer service skills. They can work online, over the phone, or face-to-face with customers. 

They might be responsible for growing their client base by merchandising, advertising, and following up on sales leads. Sales reps are responsible for keeping track of sales, submitting orders, and analyzing sales trends.

Workers in the slaughterhouse

Canadian butchers and meat cutters, both in the retail and wholesale sectors, are in high demand, and there are openings for both citizens of Canada and those from other countries. Bias has no place in the meat, seafood, and grocery retail and wholesale industries, and everyone involved should be treated with respect.

The meat industry is constantly changing, and it is common for Butchers to work in various fields. For example, a butcher working in a meat processing plant may also work as a stock clerk at a shop. 

Butchers, both retail and wholesale, are sometimes included in the culinary staff of some businesses. To boost sales, other companies hire Butchers and their employees as sales representatives.

The Future of Butchering and Meat-Cutting Jobs

Contractors in the field of agriculture

Agriculture Service Contractors, Farm Supervisors, and Specialised Livestock Stocks Specialists provide agricultural services, including animal and plant growth and development. 

They support and advise farmers, ranchers, and other members of the agricultural business on various topics, including animal management, livestock management, water management, and other elements of farming.

Many agricultural firms hire contractors, farm managers, or specialist livestock to help them with different aspects of their operations, such as increasing output while reducing expenses. 

They may also offer advice on how to improve the business or the land itself.

Agriculture Service Contractors have a wide range of employment options.

People who work in gardens and nurseries

Workers in nurseries and greenhouses make some of Canada’s highest-paying minimum wage employment. It is their job to maintain the plants, trees, and shrubs that people use at home and in places like the office and the field. 

Nursery and greenhouse employees are responsible for this. Unskilled labor is needed for several positions in Canada’s nurseries and greenhouses.

Plant Care Workers Have a Wide Range of Career Options

Laborers Are Being Gathered!

In Canada, harvesting laborers are only one example of low-skilled employment. Farmers, industries, and many other places can use harvesting laborers. Harvesting jobs in Canada come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Workers from other countries interested in working in the harvesting sector can do so with little difficulty. All they have to do is find out how to grow and harvest their crops.

Possibilities to Work as Harvester

Workers in all fields

General Labourers do a wide range of tasks, including assembly line labor, packing, and more. Employers will have difficulty filling these positions, even though this is the most popular job in Canada. 

There are a lot of short-term positions in the general labor field that need to be filled often. To fill their workforce needs, many firms turn to overseas labor. 

Specialized skilled trade professions are another area where it’s difficult to locate workers. This is partly due to millennials’ decreased interest in skilled crafts occupations.

General Labourer Positions Available

Fishers and seafood processors’ laborers

Many individuals work in the fish and seafood processing industry, which employs many people. Fish and seafood processors may be found in and around Toronto, including Westray, C&S New Holland, Loblaws, Husky, and many more. Even though they are paid barely above the minimum wage, workers at food processing plants make a comfortable existence. 

Even those without experience in the Fish and Seafood Processing business can find work and generate money in this field. As a worker, you are expected to put in long hours and maintain a strong sense of self-identity.

Workers in the Fish and Seafood Processing Industry Have Plenty of Options

Drivers of Commercial Vehicles

As a low-skilled job with a high salary, Canadian transport truck drivers are in demand. As a result, many people have trouble finding employment in this field. 

Due to the high demand for truck drivers, trucking companies have been forced to hire many new employees to stay competitive.

Truck Driver Positions Available

Specialists in Medical Billing

Patient information like prescriptions, blood work, and other laboratory testing is particularly important to a Medical Billing Specialist. They are also referred to as office staff who handle medical claims and provide correct test results for patients.

 As a result, they are devoted to providing accurate information to patients so that they may better care for themselves.

The Future of the Medical Billing Specialist Job Market

Translators of medical records

Many people are looking for a career that doesn’t require a lot of schooling and is suitable for those who want to start working in this field before they graduate. 

Unskilled medical transcriptionists will continue to be in great demand and well-paid in Canada until 2022.

Health Care Transcriptionist Job Possibilities

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Cleaning supplies designed for smaller jobs.

The vast majority of light-duty cleaning jobs in Canada are advertised online. A code is frequently employed to distinguish employees with just light cleaning chores, and in Canada, these identifiers are used to distinguish between distinct professions.

NOC codes are the name given to these codes. The NOC code for a light-duty cleaner is 6731. 

A wide range of vocations is linked to light-duty cleaners.

Many light-duty cleaners perform these duties as well. The noc code for light-duty cleaners is 6731 if you work or are employed in any of the following occupations:

Hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and private residences with spotless lobbies, hallways, offices, and rooms. Hotels and motels, as well as building management companies, employ these people: cleaning service organizations and even private individuals.


As a housekeeper in Canada, you may be eligible for employment under the following job titles.

Clean-up chores may also fall under the purview of your position as Housekeeper. Here’s a video demonstrating the steps required to work as a cleaner in Canada. Keep reading to learn more about the various immigration options for housekeepers.

Therefore, only typical career possibilities are included here. For overseas job seekers looking for work as unskilled employees, several great recruitment agencies in Canada may help. The following is a list of job vacancies for unskilled workers in Canada in 2022:


Transportation jobs that aren’t skilled include:

  • Railroad switch operators
  • Rail car repairers
  • Subway operators
  • Mechanics
  • Commercial truck drivers
  • Logistics specialists
  • Transit police
  • Railroad conductors


There are some positions in manufacturing:

  • Mining
  • Production supervisors
  • Chemical plant operators
  • Extraction workers
  • Operators of oil refineries
  • Mill workers


There are some unskilled construction jobs:

  • Floor installers
  • Hazmat removal workers
  • Elevator repairs
  • Electronics installers
  • Building inspectors
  • Wood pattern makers
  • Pest control workers
  • Roofers
  • Maintenance workers

Service and Hospitality

There are many jobs in the service and hospitality industry that can be done without any training. These include:

  • Bartenders
  • Dishwashers
  • Service clerks
  • Hotel night auditors
  • Retail management
  • Warehouse workers
  • Food preparation workers
  • Catering staff
  • Merchandisers
  • Bouncers
  • Technical support
  • Ushers


This concludes our list of Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada. Because of their significant roles in our society, these occupations will always be in great demand. 

Agriculture technicians and crop growers are high-paying, low-skilled industries that have evolved in recent years. Researching which jobs are in demand in your region will help you locate a job that is a good match for your abilities and interests. 

Engineer, computer system analyst, and research scientist are the Highest paid unskilled jobs in Canada. People seeking a high-paying career in the sector might check into these professions.

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