How Catering Services in Nigeria can be improved – The Ultimate Guide

The world is upgrading scientifically and technologically, some business industries also need to be improved and upgraded.
Many are still using the old patterns of delivering services especially Catering services.
We are now in a world in which anything we do in our business must be creative in order for us to stand out amongst out business competitors.
I would be teaching mainly about how catering services in nigeria can be upgraded and improved so that you can stand out amongst your business competitors.
I would be starting by explaining how each categories in their business can be upgraded.

Cake baking and decorations.

This is the one of the main and basic categories of catering services, this is what newbies who wants to learn the services would learn first.
Cake baking now have different and modernized styles, the caterers in Vogue no longer make use of the old styles, they now come up with new styles and make use of modernized and sophisticated equipments.
Some bakers now bake cake in form of houses, animals, football stadium e.t.c.
If you are still using the old styles of just baking cakes in form of different shapes, I think it’s time for you to go and learn different new and latest styles.
Go to social medias especially Instagram, follow international and professional bakers, so that you can learn new stuffs from them.
YouTube and opera shows is also very helpful, at your leisure time, you could just start watching them, thereby you would learn a lot and add to your knowledge.
Remember it is what you produce that attracts more clients to you, if you are producing something awesome, you would be getting a lot of recommendations from different Customers.

Cooking service.

This is one of the major and important part of a catering services.
Whenever a caterer gets a job for any occasion, the cooking aspect is the critical part of the catering service because whatever dishes you cook and serve to the people in the people matters a lot.
You must cook the dishes very well, make them rich and delicious such that when people tastes the food, they would want to always ask for more and you might be contacted for your services.
For example if you cook a a very delicious dishes and you serve to all the guests in the party, if 70 to 90 percent love and enjoyed the food, they would be satisfied and want to hire you for future purposes thereby your business growing.
Another thing I noticed is that some caterers in nigeria because of thier selfish interests, they would want to manage the ingredients they used for cooking because of the profit they would gain and this is very bad, your cooking services should be important than the profits you would be making so that you can get more recommendations.

Hall decoration and table setting.

First Impression matters a lot, it tells what people sees about your services at the first time they see it.
As a caterer, you should be able to now top exquisite hotels and events all in town with thier prices so that whenever a clients give you a job, you would act according to thier budget to deliver the best services.
Now for the hall decorations, you should have different styles, you should also create new arrangements style that’s why it is very important for you to be creative as caterer.
If you feel you aren’t too creative enough, you can hire someone who is to work for you.
The table setting and hall decorations must be quite appealing to the guests.
If you are a new caterer without much experience, you could visit different evens and watch the way they set up everything, this would give you insights and better knowledge of how you can improve your services.
For example if a guest enters the hall and finds one or two flaws in the decorations, he or she may report you to the sponsors of the event and this will cause an havoc for your business because you may lose future opportunities so it’s better you strive to deliver the best.

Special waiters.

You need to employ the best for you to deliver the best of your services.
Before employing any waiter, you are to interview them to know if they have some good qualities.
For example if you hire a waiter with a very bad character, it may cause an huge damage.
This should be taken very important with full strictness, if possible you could set up some spys to test them without them knowing.
After interviewing them and getting to know thier various qualities experience and skills, you would pick the best amongst them, train them and teach them the necessary ethics.
The waiters are the one delivering the main services because they are the one serving the guests directly so if they behave very well, it is an advantage for your business.

Should security personnels be included in your catering services team.

It depends on you though but I would highly recommend you include them in your team so that in any occasions you services are needed, they would serve as an advantage.
For example if there is any sort of issues that might come up, they security personnels would always be there to resolve it.

Means of transportation.

It is very advisable for your catering service business to have a bus or a truck to avoid any sort of delay or inconveniences when transporting the necessary equipments

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