How do you know if someone truly loves you? 8 Signs that show someone loves you for real

How do you know if someone truly loves you? 8 Signs that show someone loves you for real

These days, it appears as though true love is hard to come by or we can to some extent, say that it is no longer how it used to be.

The romantic fantasies that we watched in those old movies, do they indeed still exist? Can I know when I meet someone new who comes with a promise of true and genuine love that they are not faking it just to get to me?

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Love is an emotion and not just poets, writers, and philosophers have been inspired by it for centuries, everyone longs for a long-lasting feel of it. However, when romantically connected to someone, It may sometimes be complex, multifaceted, and even elusive.

Among its many forms, true love stands out as the most genuine and enduring. But how can you tell if the person who claims they love you truly does? How do you know this feeling that you are beginning to nurture is not going to end up on a one-sided journey to loneliness and frustration? There may be some signs that you could observe and I am going to list a few of them below.

The Essence and Benefits of True Love

There are many benefits to finding true love. When you meet with someone who loves you as much as you do, you will experience a good level of happiness and emotional support, you will occasionally feel much relaxed in the state of your mind every day.

True love is much more than mere physical attraction or shared interests. It’s a profound bond that grows and evolves. Because the romantic adventure is built on true love, trust, respect, and mutual growth will flow much more naturally in your relationship. When a relationship is genuine, it becomes an emotion that can stand the test of time, and overcome unknown challenges, and even distance can not be a barrier anymore. This unwavering form of affection is what a lot of us seek, but how do you know when you’ve found it?

Below are 8 simple signs that show if someone truly loves you.

1. Actively listening to you: When someone says they love you, one of the few first things to observe is how much attention they give to you during simple or serious conversations. They do not just hear your part for the sake of it, they listen to get your main points right. What this also means is that interruptions during conversations will not be a habit.

2. Pays attention to you: Paying attention in this case means, observing what nail colours you have on, asking about how your day went and also engaging with you on little tasks that may be eating into your time. Someone who truly loves you will effortlessly pay attention to little details about you. While this might not be the case a hundred per cent of the time, the signs will still be obvious that your partner is observant when it comes to you

3. Prioritising your happiness: In a relationship where there is true love, what makes one partner happy makes the other happy as well and vice versa. When someone claims they care and love you, they make a considerate effort to put your happiness above their daily busy schedules. True love is selfless and a person who genuinely loves you will often go out of their way to ensure your happiness, even if it means making sacrifices. Even when they can’t provide that happiness for you at the moment of your need, they will make you understand and find a way to make up for it in the near future.

4. Entirely open in communications with you: This point is as important as the first one on this list. You see, true love will only thrive in a relationship where there is no hidden agenda. Although you would not expect your partner to bore you with every unnecessary detail of their daily activities but when it comes to sharing joyous news or discussing personal challenges, someone who loves you will maintain consistent communication, valuing your insights and opinions.

5. Welcomes You Into Their World: If your partner keeps avoiding discussions on when to meet their family or friends, it is either they have a better excuse or you are not just the one and they are just passing time with you. When someone loves you, a good sign to look out for is how valued and included you feel in their inner circle. If you feel completely left out of some important parts of your partner’s life, it might be time to find someone else before it is too late.

6. Make compromises for you: A major factor that contributes to most disagreements in a relationship is each person wanting to be the right one. But because having you in their life brings a greater joy than being right, someone who truly loves you will find a balance between disagreements and the value they have for you.

7. Expressions of Affection: It would not be unnoticed the way and manner in which they would show affection towards you if what they indeed feel for you is genuine. These expressions could be in the form of simple words and actions and could most often also be in the form of warm hugs and simple touches. They will not be able to hide how passionate they are about you for long, these simple things will always give them away.

8. Plans for your future: If what you share with your partner goes beyond friendship, they will most likely include you in every one of their future plans. This is not an easy sign to observe as most men are built to keep their plans to themselves until they materialise. But even plans for the immediate future such as planning to attend a seminar or event the following week or planning towards a coming simple trip will have a little room for your take and suggestion in the planning.

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