How To Build Trust In A Relationship In 5 Ways

How To Build Trust In A Relationship In 5 Ways

A relationship without trust is a failure waiting to happen. You would not want that in the relationship you have put so much effort, time and resources into, right?

Being able to completely trust yourself and your partner in your relationship is usually the first major deal if you want to be comfortable and have some level of peace. It encourages the success and longevity of a healthy connection and sense of safety.

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Trust in a relationship: Why is it important?

One key importance of complete trust in a relationship is safety. You want to be able to have that confidence that your partner has your back and that you can share your inner feelings with them without any fear of being betrayed. This serves as the core of the foundation upon which you build every other aspect of your connection. It can also help reduce your level of anxiety in your relationship.

Apart from safety as mentioned above, trust empowers you to be able to predict the actions of your partner. This makes it possible for you to defend them anywhere knowing the consistency of their actions.

In a relationship where both partners trust each other well enough, growth and personal development are inevitable. This is because of the intimacy it brings. And because with trust comes more collaboration and teamwork, you are able to get unsolicited emotional support, reducing stress and creating a more positive atmosphere around you.

Trust promotes intimacy in a relationship

The more you build on your trust, the more likely you resolve any potential conflicts in the relationship. This helps to reduce or completely remove any fear of being intentionally provoked or hurtful retaliation from previous actions, mistakes or arguments.

5 Ways to Build Trust in Your Relationship

1. Practice Open Communication

Building trust in a relationship starts with sincere and open communication. You should not hide anything at all of importance from each other. How this practice benefits your relationship is that both of you can share even your worst fears or disappointments with each other without the feelings of being judged or accused wrongly.

2. Respect Your Partner

Respect means quite a lot of things to different people. For instance, you could respect your partner for being a source of inspiration to you. If as a woman, for instance, you see your husband as a father figure, this would mean that his presence carries some level of authority and you show respect. However you see respect, the most important thing is appreciating your partner’s boundaries and placing values on their things such as cars, documents and their ideas, time and contributions in the relationship.

3. Be Reliable

You need to be the type of partner that your partner can rely on when the need arises. If you are known to disappoint after promising heaven on earth, this breaks trust in the relationship and leaves mixed feelings that take time to clear off. If you would be unavailable for an action you had earlier promised, it is much better to notify your partner in time than to simply ignore it and let them figure out other ways to get it done.

4. Show Feelings and Vulnerability

Revealing your true feeling of vulnerability does not necessarily mean you are weak. Rather it helps to make your partner see that they too can let go of their ego, lay down their guard and let love take the lead. Knowing that both of you can completely be yourself around each other greatly promotes trust and strengthens the relationship.

5. Practice Honesty

Honesty is the golden horse the back of which trust rides. Regardless of how challenging it might feel to tell the truth, being courageous enough to tell it is key. Not all lies hurt though and we often lie to protect the ones we love. But have you thought of the grievous consequences it might bring if your partner finds out unusually? Just be as honest as you can be as things can get messy pretty quickly otherwise.


Building trust in a relationship shouldn’t really be hard if you are committed to enforcing it. It begins with both partners individually making a conscious and deliberate effort to put in the effort. Looking out for the best means of communication that makes open conversations easier. Have enough respect for each other as you learn about each other’s inner feelings and vulnerabilities. This is not an exhaustive list on the topic of trust but it is a good way to start.

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