“I can’t raise a child with a salary of N70k!” – Man sternly warns desperate girlfriend after she refused taking contraceptive pills just to get pregnant [Screenshots]

A Nigerian man (name undisclosed) has shared his WhatsApp chats with his girlfriend in a public discussion group as he demands to know if his N70,000 monthly salary is enough to raise a child.

Regardless of his question in the public group, the young man had already bashed the lady for allegedly trying to get pregnant when he is not ready to raise a child.

He accused the desperate-sounding lady of trying to get pregnant against all odds by refusing to take contraceptive pills he bought for her.

Responding to a message from the lady who confessed to him about how she almost got pregnant against his will, the young man replied: “I love children but I don’t give a damn even if I don’t end up having them. I must be able to raise them. I can’t raise them with a salary of 70k and N-Power of 30k.”

The lady’s message from the chats read: “Remember that day I told you I went to see a pharmacist about my test results, well it turned out I was actually pregnant. But since you said you weren’t ready for that I felt bad and so I lied and told u u had nothing to worry about

“December although into January had been a really sad period for me.

“How I lost it, I still can’t explain till now. I just know I had a feeling of sharp pains in my tummy continuously for days and then before I knew it, gone.

“I was scared and hurt at the same time. What u don’t know is that my keeping in touch all these while is because I needed to still feel closer to you to help me get over the whole situation.

“Trust me if it was up to me, my baby would be kicking right now with or without you in the picture. But I would have really loved it with u in the picture actually.

“So am telling u this because I’ve grown so fond of you, so attached, and even now, it really hurts me when I call just to check up and u ignore my calls.

“But I really understand your situation, so I won’t push it, but I still want u to understand that with u treating me like this, I am human too, I might just decide one day that am tired of calling u because u make it seem like am bugging u all the time.

“All the same dear, I still care. I’ve been meaning to tell u this and probably talk to u about other things too. So I still want to see you whenever you have the time okay.😊😊😊😊😊.

“About ur crypto currency investment, I’d like to talk about that too if u don’t mind.”

The man’s reply read: “What you just typed is senseless 😠.

“It means u intentionally refused to take tabs in a bid to get pregnant by all means

“Like, u wanted to give me a bad name abi, to tell him or her your dad didn’t want u at birth

“When I intensively told u how I want my children not to pass through hardship. Besides, how were u planning to raise the child?

“Listen, leme advise u. Society keep on pushing People to do things but not me.. I love children but I don’t give a damn even if I don’t end up having them. I must be able to raise them. I can’t raise them with a salary of 70k and N-Power of 30k.

“Now, u just fucked up this friendship to apex. We need to think much better than this. Call or chat me up and tell me “there is an investment, will you invest? A business idea or something.” No de reason things wey no go make person progress. That’s one of the reasons I called off the relationship.”

Meanwhile, information says the lady in question (30) is desperate owing to the fact that she is scared of fast-approaching monopause.

Screenshots Below

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