KEMFE giving away $50,000 to Nigerians as they launch a cryptocurrency reward-based blogging network in partnership with Binance Smart Chain

KEMFE is proud to announce the long-anticipated world-first multi-level blockchain referral-based blogging network built in partnership with Binance Smart Chain. For the first time in the history of social media and blockchain, Users can earn residual income forever in cryptocurrency leveraging on a system whose vision is to “Empower Voices and Promoting Shared Prosperity”.

Having launched the first version in 2019 on Ethereum blockchain which could not scale through because of Ethereum High Network fees otherwise known as “Gas Fees”. KEMFE & BINANCE SMART CHAIN PARTNERSHIP will allow users to earn rewards and sell them immediately in a decentralized manner without bothering about High Blockchain transaction fees..

To celebrate the new partnership and launch, Kemfe will be airdropping $50,000 (fifty thousand Dollars) Worth of KEM to the first set of users who register within the first month of launching.

New Users are also able to Leverage the multi-level referral system to refer their friends and family to the network and earn a minimum of $4 (₦2,000) on their first level. A user who refers can earn rewards directly or indirectly from the activities of their referrals.



Kemfe Blogging Network is powered by its native cryptocurrency called KEM; KEM is the currency of the platform and serves as a medium of exchange for exchanging goods and services within the platform.

Users who participate actively in the system are rewarded in the following ways.

  1. Publisher Reward:- Reward users Earn for Posting contents
  2. Curator Reward:- Reward users earn for commenting and upvoting contents
  3. Power-Up Reward:- Rewards Users earn for Staking KEM in the blockchain
  4. Power-up Referral Rewards (PURR):- Rewards users earn for referring their friends and family members who stake KEM in the blockchain. This reward is based on Kemfe multi-level referral system where rewards run-up to 5level deep.
  1. First Level = 40% bonus
  2. Second Level =20% bonus
  3. Third Level = 10% bonus
  4. Fourth Level = 5% bonus
  5. Fifth Level = 1% bonus
  6. Referral Network Activities Rewards (RNAR):- Rewards users earn from their referrals. This reward runs in percentages and up to 5level deep,
  1. Moderation Rewards: Rewards users earn from the moderation of posts in the system.
  2. Check-Ins Rewards: All Users who log into the system are rewarded for doing so.
  3. Tipping Rewards: – Users can tip each other on the system.

All rewards earned can be withdrawn instantly in a decentralized manner without the permission of anybody. Users are in control of their money.

Distribution of airdrops or giveaways to users who registered will start after 30days of the platform launch while the block reward distribution will be activated on the 30th of September 2021.

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