Keppy Ekpeyong advises producers to choose ability over mediocrity

Veteran actor Keppy Ekpeyong has advised movie producers to stick to ability rather than mediocrity while casting for movie productions.

The actor, recently in a chat with The Nation, aired his view on the rate at which producers cast actors with more followers on Instagram for films.

“I think it’s a good thing to look in that direction but on the flip side we need to contend with the fact that a lot of people are generating means to increase their followers so those numbers are not real, so I think what the producers should do really is to stick to ability rather than mediocrity,”

Ekpeyong also weighed in on the rise of skit making saying, “You know sometimes I wonder why that kind of question is even asked in the first place because just as we are standing if someone puts a camera in our front, it’s that easy, that’s all it takes, and sometimes it’s spontaneous, some other time it’s planned but you know the most spontaneous it is, the more creative it is.”

He went further to narrate how he shot a skit alongside Righteousman. “I didn’t even know his wife was rolling the tape and then there was a skit, so some of these things are symbolic of relationships, friendships you know because they’re spontaneous, you don’t plan, I really don’t even understand what goes in the mind of such creatives but it just happens you know, and we just find out that we laughed, and after we did it, he posted it up immediately they were like almost two hundred and fifty views in less than a minute and we were both laughing. And you know for us it was for the fulfillment of his spontaneous creativity at the moment which we had realized, do you understand what I’m saying so sometimes I totally subscribe to it”, said Keppy.

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