Lady set to go celibate after allegedly sleeping with 300 men to buy an iPhone and Lexus car

Young lady allegedly sleeps with 300 men in order to be able to acquire a brand new iPhone and a Lexus car.

According to a Twitter user identified as @ani_berny who eavesdropped on the conversation of the lady in question, she overhead her discussion with her friend whom she confessed to.

in her words;

“I hate myself for eavesdropping, but this lady told her friend in the lounge that under 5 months she had a Target of 300 men and she fulfilled it; and that’s what got her the Lexus RX 2019 and her iPhone.

“Her friend was now advising her to reduce the number and go for richer guys
Soon I’ll give the gist about the girl that claimed to sleep with over 300 men in the space of 5 months to buy iPhone 12……..For now, let me be observing

“I was in great shock, 300 men, haaaaaaaaaa. She then told her friend that she has agreed to stay celibate for the end of this year to regain herself because she has acquired enough for now. Chimmmmmm, celibate how!!!!!!!”

Rebroadcasted:Okwosi Esther

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