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List of Best Apps to have on your smartphone 2021

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Best Apps to have on your smartphone

Hi, it’s ObedFX again from it’s yet another Monday morning. am here again to lecture you on the Best apps to have on your smartphone.

You know the Internet has made it to be easier for us even though some people still don’t know about this. That they can use their smartphones to do lotta tasks without moving out from home. Yeah, that’s how good the Internet has been for us.

Best Apps to have on your smartphone

So without wasting our time, here are apps I found out useful that should be installed on our smartphones right away.

  • Coursera: For learning.

  • Canva: For design.

  • Benime: For explainer videos

  • AlReader: For reading different ebook formats cleanly and easily.

  • Notion: Notion is better experienced that described. No description can accurately capture how good it is. It has a bit of a learning curve but is the absolute best. You can plan your entire life on it. Your content calendar, your database, daily plans, tasks, even collaborate with other people. Think about an app that’s a combination of Google Calendar + Slack + Todoist + ColorNote + Your Blog App and you’re getting close to finding out how good Notion is.

  • ColorNote: Simple note taking app that I’ve been using since 2014, I think. Your notes are automatically backed up to your Google account every time you write so that you can login on another phone and continue from where you stopped 10 years ago sef.

  • Digital Wellbeing: This is a Google app and helps plan your day. You can define your workflow for each day and it’ll make it work. When it’s time to do each tasks, you are informed and when it’s time to sleep, it can remove all the color from your phone and turn it to black and white.

  • Google Docs, Sheet and Slides (Different apps): These Google tools are replacements to Microsoft apps. You can use the app to create documents that you want on the go.

  • Dual Space: This app allows you to have multiple accounts for your apps.

  • DuckDuckGo: This is a browser that’s all about privacy and speed. Blocks ads and makes it impossible for any website or search engine to track you or use your data. Yeah, not even Google. Other browsers that I have that do the same thing in terms of privacy and speed are: Brave, Vivaldi, Edge, Firefox. Please don’t use any of them to visit my website. Abi I haf do myself as I told you ni?

  • Barter: This app by Flutterwave makes financial transactions easy both locally and internationally. You can get virtual naira and dollar cards that can be used to make transactions anywhere easy peasy.

  • Lottie Files: If you make videos for your business, there’s a good chance you’ll sometimes need simple animations to integrate. Lottie Files makes that easier. You’ll get thousands of free animations on the app whose colors you can even edit that fits the story you want to tell.

: Ninjalitics: This app makes it possible to spy on your competitors on Instagram. See the hashtags they use most, that’s working for them and the audience they engage with.

  • Oratory: If you have a long video to make and you can’t remember all the words, Oratory is a teleprompter that makes it possible to type all the words and then pin it to the top of your phone and be reading while the camera is on. It’ll be as if you are staring at the camera while you are in fact reading from Oratory.

  • SEO Check: This app allows you to research any website you want to see the keywords they are ranking for and their backlinks they have.

  • Where Am I: This one shows you exactly where you are so that you won’t be asking driver and passenger “Please where are we?” when you’ve slept off inside bus. You are in Sierra Leone, sis. Shey you know how to sleep.

  • ProtonMail: This is an email service that’s about privacy. It does not show you ads and allows you to send secure emails. For instance, you can send emails that can only be opened by the recipient that has the password. Any other person that does not know the password cannot access the mail. You can send emails that are set to auto delete in 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month. Any time you want, you can set it. You also cannot screenshot anything on the app.

Gmail has those features too and it’s free but it hasn’t worked for me. Gmail’s own allows you to set the email to delete at specific times (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week), but you can’t choose the exact minute, hour, or day. You have to select from their options. Also, with Gmail, you have to enter the phone number of the recipient so that they can text them the code to access the email. Didn’t work for me. So, ProtonMail is for me.

  • NIMC App: I know we’ve knocked the Taliban-loving Communications Minister, but I think he and his team got the NIMC App right. I’ve used it in places where I would otherwise be asked to bring paper ID and so, it has to make this list.

Phew! Which of them have you used before? Which ones will you be trying out? Which ones do you want to add?

It’s productive Monday, try out some of the Apps and see them making your work so much easier to do.

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