9 Logical ways to give you Instagram followers a massive boost.

Have been hearing of people trying to buy Instagram followers so as to grow thier account,some even goes to the extent of my

hiring someone to manage and grow thier Instagram account.
In this post, I would be explaining some simple steps in which you can grow your Instagram account fast.

1.Create an attractive bio and profile.

This is one of the basic and simple steps you must consider if you really want to grow your Instagram account.

You need to take this as something very important because this matters a lot.
Make sure that every details you put there is correct so as to make your profile look very professional.
If you are a business owner, give possible details about your business, add your website URL (Instagram allows it),so that when people check your profile on Instagram, they might want to have a glimpse on your website to know tye goods to services you sell.

Mistakes some persons does is that they don’t add thier real picture to thier profile,it is very important you do so to show your legitimacy.
If you are a business owner, it advisable you use the logo of your brand as profile picture.

2. Post interesting and engaging contents.

As most of us know how important content is especially bloggers, there is a quote that says content is King.

This means when you post interesting and engaging contents, real followers would start following you.

As soon as you start posting any kind of interesting contents, people would start following you, liking and commenting on every post you make.

And something about Instagram is that you don’t need to create a content yourself, there are thousands of Instagram users who created funny memes, videos e.t.c.

You could just start reposting the contents,make use of hash tags, before you know it, followers would start following you.
And this is very useful for most businesses, you don’t really have to make your business Instagram handle idle, you can hire someone to manage your account by posting different engaging contents.

Remember this also brings more customers to purchase your good or services.
Don’t just post any kind of contents, post interesting stuffs that would get people engaged.

3. Promote your Instagram handle on other social media platforms.

This is very important, I would advise you create an account on all social media platforms so as to get value from all.

Any interesting contents you publish on your Instagram handle, try repost them on all social media platform with a link to your Instagram handle.

If you are the type who create contents yourself, try add a watermark to any of your meme or videos.

You can make use of pics art or pixel lab Apk to add a text or logo watermark to your memes, you can also use kimemaster or Viva video editing app to add watermark to your videos.

You ought to have grown your Instagram account to a certain extent before trying to promote it on other platforms.Make use of powerful and relevant hashtags
Hash tags are very useful because it makes other users on Instagram not following you to have access to your contents.
Just follow the latest trends on Instagram,if possible go check the hashtags with the highest retweets, then make use of it on your contents.
But note, the hashtags must be relevant to what you are trying to post.
And another advantage is that you can use as many hashtags as possible on a content, this will help your contents reach more audience.

4. Engage with other top Instagram handles.

Fo these to work very well, follow as many top celebrities as possible because they have more followers than you.
Any of thier post could be be a medium to get more followers.

For example if you follow someone like tundednut on Instagram and you engage well with his content, you would start getting more followers.

The reason to do this is that when you engage with other Instagram users post by liking or commenting on it,other users engaging with the post might also follow you.
Another trick to do this is by writing a very funny comment on thier posts which might attract people to your profile.

5. Tell your followers to comment on your post with hashtags.

This helps your contents get to more users on Instagram because just imagining up to 200 persons reposting your contents with different hashtags,it would give your content a massive boost.

You can also tell your followers to tag thier friends so that your contents can reach more persons.

6. Use an attractive and compelling captions.

This helps your followers engage more with your contents by liking, commenting and sharing.
If possible try use a very funny caption to attract thier attentions.
A big mistake some people do is that they use a fake caption which is unrelated to the content just to get more attentions to the post.
This works sometimes but it may backfire.

7. Instagram live collaboration with people with more followers.

This works like a magic especially if you are a very sharp and funny person.
You could just message anyone with a large amount of followers,tell them you want do a live collaboration video with them.

Although 70% might reject this request because not everyone have time for that but there is still a little 30% chance of acceptance especially if you messaged them in a nice way.
But I am sure that 80% of comedians would accept your request.

8. Instagram advertisement.

This is the fastest and the most popular ways to grow your Instagram profile especially if the account is a business account.
You just need to post a trending and funny contents then promote it with Instagram ads, before you know it your followers would start increasing, although this might cost you some money.
You can also do this by telling people with more Instagram followers to promote your handle and paying them in return.

9.Do giveaways.

Almost everyone love giveaways, it could be in form of cash or gift cards.
You could just post a hard question,then reward the first person to answer your questions.
This makes your Instagram followers to keep engaging in your content.

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