Overcoming any Stage performance fright in Nigeria – Expert tips.

Stage fright isn’t something we should take very lightly or as something new.

Even some notable and popular speakers use to be afraid sometimes when they are on stage, although thier confidence use to be very strong such that they perform bodly but they do still have some little fears e.g it could be fear of their speech not being acceptable by thier audience.

Actually, there is no special secret of overcoming stage fright, it’s just the mindset of being exposed to the public that causes stage fright.

Everyone eyes is on the person, trying to catch any flaws in the the speech or the presentation he or she is trying to give so that makes the person very uncomfortable which may lead to fear.

Since there isn’t any special secret towards overcoming stage fright but there are still some tips which could be of help if you might be facing such.

Don’t be afraid

The very main step to overcoming stage fright is try not to be afraid, fear would surely come but do not let it overcome you easily.

Whenever you climb on the stage, assume that you are a lion, that you aren’t afraid of anybody.

Being confident in yourself make you a conqueror.
And never try to get distracted because you would encounter different kind of distraction which may arise from technical issues.

Be Prepared

You can’t go to fight a war without being prepared else you might end up being a looser.
Whenever you are going for any stage performance, be 100 percent prepared, don’t leave any slight thing, this would avoid any necessary embarrassment.

When you start speaking confidently and knowledgeably, the audience would start giving your positive responses which would serve as an additional encouragement.

Feel comfortable

Calming your nerves has a great significant influence on the outcome of any public stage performance.
Perform a very slight exercise in the morning in order to make your nerves relaxed and ready for any action.

Try to make sure your body is set mentally physically and psychologically.

Pretend to be Confident

One very easy way to gain confidence is to fake it, pretend as if you are confident. When you feel afraid, just try pretending you are not, it helps kill fright.

Whenever you are walking up the stage, walk like a king, make yourself proud, you could even assume that you have bodyguards at your back, try to feel secured, this would help boost your confidence.
Feel very happy and smile to your audience, do not try to force a laugh, it could just be a natural smile.

Constant Rehearsals

Any stage performances always requires constant rehearsals for them to perform excellently.
If you are a music artiste o r an actor, you should first start performing to yourself in front of a standing mirror, this would help you a lot..

What some persons does is that they record themselves either on Audio or video, then they play it to find any fault on which they can improve on.

Make sure you rehearse in front of a mirror as if you are facing a large audience, constant practice would make you perfect

Constant Rehearsals have proven to help fight any sort of stage fright because since you know the role you are performing and you do a constant rehearsals, it would be easier for you to perform on stage.


Socialization is very important especially in out present era,if you are a shy type, it’s better you break-off that shyness because it may affect you later in the future.
Go out, interact with people, make more friends, this will help build more confidence in you and remove any kind of shyness

This will make sure that you talk confidently when facing a large audience.
If possible, when you are on the stage speak with some of your audience, those who you think doesn’t know you before, this helps build more confidence in you

Avoid Eye Contact with the audience.

This is very dangerous especially if you are the type that is just new to the system, you might end up being disgraced.
It’s better you look about thier heads or if possible just assume nobody is in the hall because when you have eye contact with someone especially if it’s someone you are very well familiar with, you might loose focus which may totally break you down.

Avoid hard drugs.

There are some drugs that people uses especially when they want to perform some kind of Herculean task because they feel that the drug helps book thier morale and confidence.
But at the same time, this might backfire on the stage especially when you are called to speak at the wrong time, or probably you took overdose of the drugs.
It also affect your mental health, if you do it, I would advise you stop it immediately.

Try to move around the stage

Doing these build more confidence in you because it makes you feel like a boss, never stand on a spot because it makes you get tired fast.
But when you start working around, it serves as an exercise that makes you not to get tired easily.

Never test your audience

Especially if you are not perfect or if you are someone who doesn’t know a lot of things, never test your audience because it may backfire.
This happens when you decide to start asking questions or you requested them to ask you questions.
As you know, many of them are trying to catch your flaws so they would be attacking you with questions which you may not be able to answer at the end of the day.
Even thier questions may get you frustrated especially if they are asking irrelevant questions.
The best way to do this is to ask them questions on the speech or topic you just spoke on.

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