Proven SEO Tactics to boost your ecommerce website ranking on Google in Africa

In this present era, the world is getting more digitalized, many business are taking thier products online to sell.

Nowadays different businesses now have their own ecommerce website in which they sell those products they produced.

The question is how can your ecommerce website rank first on Google first page when they are thousands of websites selling the same products as yours.

Even if you intend on doing advertisement, other businesses are doing that too, so how can your business survive this.

You are very lucky to be reading this article because i would be highlighting different ways in which you can easily make your ecommerce website outrank the others.

For example when someone goes online to search for a certain good to buy and he or she sees your website appearing first, that would surely increase your sales.

Quality Contents.

Your thoughts may be “but it’s an ecommerce website,why do I need to write Contents again”.

The search engine itself is complicated and I can say that you might not be able to manipulate it because those controlling it are making use of artificial intelligence.

Before Google can rank your website too, they need to understand what your website is all about, and to do that they would need to access Contents on your website starting from the title tags to the target Keywords in your Content.

You just need to hire an SEO writer to write for you on your website so when your website start ranking for some certain Keywords, it wouldn’t only increase your website traffic it would also improve your website trust with Google

Build Quality Backlinks.

Like I mentioned earlier, the search engines is complicated and can not be easily manipulated.

Another way to gain more trust from Google is by building quality backlinks to your website because this also improve your website authority on Google.

Google ranks websites with higher authority than Websites with vlowe authority.

Build a responsible mobile-ready website.

The percentage of people using Smartphone for browsing is very high in Africa.
Your ecommerce website should be well optimized for mobile version if you want your website to rank well on mobile version.
Some years ago, Google introduced AMP(accelerated mobile pages) and this has been very effective especially for ranking.
Although it has some little disadvantages but it is still very useful.

Internal link building.

When your post are interlinked together, it gives each of your post massive boost especially for ranking.
When all pages of your website are connected, link juice is passed to all pages.

Create a Google My Business Account.

Google is making everything easier for everyone.
You can register your business with Google my business, submit every necessary details about your business to them.

So when someone searches for your business or goods your sells, Google shows them your business profile in which they can easily access your website to check for other goods.
Google my business is business modified for great user experience from time to time.

Make use of the necessary SEO tools.

There are different tools out there that could help your website in terms of SEO
I would be listing them below.

a. Google Webmaster tool: This is also known as Google search console directly owned by Google.
This helps your website to be indexed regularly on Google

b. Google Analytics: Also owned by Google, this tools help you track every details about people visiting your website..

c. MOZ Pro tool: This tools help your track every aspects of SEO on your website.
This tools also help you track your competitors and guide you on how you can overcome them.

d. Ahrefs tools: I just love this tool, even the free version is awesome, this tools is very great if you want to improve the SEO of your website.
Ahrefs recently launched thier own webmaster tools and it is very useful.
And with this webmaster tool, you can do a complete audit of your website to check for certain errors.

f. Rankmaths: This is a free SEO plugin on WordPress that is almost like the premium version of rankmaths.
This helps you control all aspects of SEO on your website.

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