Remitano launches new Crypto payment gateway and offers special deals for the first 50 merchants

Remitano launches new Crypto payment gateway and offers special deals for the first 50 merchants

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly popular. In their effort to seek for a more effective solution to simplify global remittances, local and international businesses across the globe are increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies to help facilitate transactions. According to studies, more than 20,000 businesses worldwide are currently accepting cryptocurrency; It is projected that the number will keep increasing.

As part of its sustained innovation strides, the leading cryptocurrency P2P and exchange platform, Remitano, has launched a new service tagged “Crypto Payment Gateway” — focused on making payment easy.

The Remitano Crypto Payment Gateway is a new service that will allow users to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies fast and securely. The service will make it possible for businesses to operate regardless of borders, thanks to blockchain technology. It will provide merchants with the opportunity to expand their businesses to millions of Remitano crypto users and investors across the globe.

Exclusive Offers for the first 50 Merchants

To facilitate the launch of the new product, Remitano is launching special offers for the first 50 merchants to help them increase their visibility to crypto investors and grow their businesses.

Remitano will provide an exclusive media campaign to the first 50 merchants who successfully integrate the Payment Gateway into their business. The exclusive offer will focus on promoting each merchant’s businesses to Remitano users in their respective countries in all of Remitano’s channels — social media, forums, and many more.

Each merchant in the first 50 stands to enjoy:

1 exclusive PR article on Remitano’s Forum News where each merchant can introduce and talk about their business in detail to over 2 million Remitano’s forum visitors.

Each merchant’s PR article will be shared on any of Remitano’s Social Media platforms of choice — Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

A unique opportunity to be crowned as one of Remitano’s valuable partners. The merchant’s logo will appear on the official website of Remitano Payment Gateway. Boosting your business brand and improving customer’s confidence.

1 email to Remitano users in each merchant business country informing users of promotions (coupon, voucher, discount) from the partnered merchants.

Lifetime referral commission for all merchants — 40% commission on the P2P transaction fee.

Aside from these media benefits, customers of each merchant in the first 50 will also be rewarded with RENEC, the token that powers the REMITANO NETWORK, when they pay via the Remitano Payment Gateway.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Remitano now to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the benefit of the Remitano Payment Gateway.

About Remitano

Remitano is a product of Babylons Solutions Limited. Remitano’s purpose is to offer a robust, quality trading experience to all users as a fast-moving marketplace. With necessary safety standards in place, buyers and sellers can come together, store, trade, and withdraw assets, thus avoiding issues common to other crypto exchanges.

Launched in 2014, Remitano is a global cryptocurrency exchange serving international markets, such as Nigeria, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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