Six Ways To Deal With Body Insecurities

Six Ways To Deal With Body Insecurities

Despite being just a single species, humans.. are vastly different, in practically everything! A red Indian from Native America and a Korean from East Asia look starkly different, but are technically and genetically the same! The most striking of these differences of course is colour and appearance.

But there’s a special case with the most noticeable reputation: body type. With billions of dollars being spent on BBL surgeries, tummy tucks, breast reduction and enlargement, every year it’s pretty obvious that a lot of people care about how their body looks. Like a lot!

If you’ve got thousands of dollars to spend from time to time on maintaining your dream body, then go ahead: have surgery. But if you don’t have possibly millions to spend, and you want a relatively lower chance of complications, then, my friend, you better learn how to manage your body the way it is.

Sure, having insecurities about certain body parts or your body in general isn’t wrong. But, to be on the safer- and cheaper, side of life, then you can promptly deal with those insecurities, and here are six ways how.

1. UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THAT NOBODY HAS A PERFECT BODY: Social Media, and the internet culture, in general, have painted this false perceptive that there are just some people who are demi-gods with bodies that were crafted in heaven and are absolutely flawless. While in fact, they aren’t.. Either they have botched it up, or their flaws and hidden, and you don’t know about it. Those you envy are not perfect themselves.The moment you realize this, it would be much more easier to be at peace with one’s body.

2. GET THERAPY: As oddly as this might sound, sometimes when some individuals have chronic low self-esteem and comfortability with their body, they might have to see an expert. Seeing a professional can help someone come to terms with how his/her body looks and learn to love it the way it is. There is no shame in getting help! It will do more good in the long term.

3. EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE: Sometimes the problems we see in our body are made up in our own heads, and sometimes, they are actual problems that we can solve physically. Someone doesn’t like the way they look obese? Well, it’s a no-brainer that they should exercise, and cut unhealthy habits. Instead of staying and hating on the body you’re with, if it’s fixable, fix it!

4. AVOID SCENARIOS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL UNHAPPY WITH YOUR BODY: Sad that you don’t have a six pack? Then, maybe going to the gym and not doing anything but just staring at those working out isn’t the best. We already said if your perceived flaw is fixable, try and fix it, and in cases that it’s not, don’t beat yourself up for it. Don’t do things or think about things that will make you see your body as inferior. Avoid them. It’s a thing of the mind.

5. STOP COMPARING: Do not, (and I cannot stress this enough) draw comparisons between your body and someone else’s. There is absolutely no need for that. It is highly unnecessary. Comparing will do nothing but harm, and there is no benefit from it. Instead it starts to seed doubt and other negative ill feelings in your mind. So stop it. Your body is your body, period. It is not to be compared to someone else’s.

6. BE VULNERABLE: I know it might seem ironic, but in order to overcome any insecurities about your body, you have to learn to be vulnerable about them first. It’s been proven that talking about your problems first can usually help you feel relief and closure when it comes to dealing with them. So it’s not a bad thing to say, “I don’t feel too good about how my tummy looks. But there’s nothing I can do about it, and it’s fine just the way it is.”


Affirming things like this constantly can definitely help you to feel much better about yourself, and in the long run, you manifest them. So, please don’t be like a guinea pig and allow yourself to be experimented on with all the latest cosmetic surgeries being developed daily. Love your body as it is, and you’ll see that you can live a better, happier life.

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