Some unpleasant things that makes Nigerians angry easily which you need to know

If you are a foreigner and you intend on coming to Nigeria to spend some weeks or more, I would highlight some things that upset Nigerians that I would like you to know.

When rich people claims that money isn’t everything.

One of the annoying stuffs that annoys some Nigerians is when the popular and rich personnels starts claiming that money isn’t everything whereby they have more than enough money to fend for themselves.
According to the scriptures, money answereth all things.
Most rich men keeps saying this in other to favor themselves by giving flimsy excuses of not helping the needy.

When rich people spends money lavishly

This makes people angry especially the poor, when they hear of how rich people spend their money in a useless way.
For example a son of rich man buying a champagne worth of 500,000 naira then spraying it on his car, this is very annoying because there are many poor who cannot afford a little amount of 50 naira.

Nigerians believes that rather than those rich persons spending the money lavishly, it could be used to fend for hungry Nigerians and to sponsor brilliant students in the university.

Therefore, seeing them lavish the money anyhow makes them very angry.

When Government refuse to pay salaries.

This annoys Nigerians a lot especially government workers because how would money circulate in the economy when government doesn’t pay salaries and how would it feel when you work and aren’t been paid by the end of the month.

When situation comes to its worst, government workers may intend to go on a strike which might affect the country as a whole

When pastors recommend fasting and prayers to hungry members instead of giving them food.

This looks funny but it’s something which should be stopped. Think of it, how would an hungry member who hasn’t eaten think of fasting.
Then the pastor would go on and tell his member to fast before his or her problem can solved.
Although fasting and prayers is the solution but the immediate solution is to render help to the member by giving him or her food.

When scammers gives solution to the problems of Nigeria

This makes many Nigerians very angry because those politicians who embezzle Nigeria money which is supposed to be spent for urgent matters whom start saying that Nigerians are the one causing the downfalls of Nigeria whereas they are the backbones behind the downfall.
Just imagine a politician campaigning for elections then giving fake promises and at the end of the day they don’t fill it.

When you are asked for your years of experience before you are being given a job

This happens and is still happening when companies and organization would require that you have at least 2 to 3 years of experience before you are being employed for the job.
This is quite frustrating and this have made some Nigerians to start acquiring fake experience documents for theme to get employed by any company demanding for it.
Just imagine a Nigeria who graduated this year as a banker seeking for job in a bank and the bank required for years of experience, what should he do, that why Nigerians would keep getting angry

When Traders Keep increasing prices of goods and services to favor themselves

Truthfully the same traders who claims that the government are the one making the country hard are the same persons who increases the price of thier goods in thier favour without caring if it affects the society
Infact I could say that this is one of the major things that makes Nigerians angry the most.
Some would even try to form flimsy excuses, they could say because of the weather conditions and this is really bad, how can the country change when we ourselves can not changeWhen Graduates Are being owed Another issues which makes Nigerians angry is when graduates are being owed, not being paid thier salaries at the due time.
How would a graduate who doesn’t have enough money to buy a car and makes sure he or she comes as early as possible to work and at the end of the day he or she isn’t paid salary at the right time.
There are some companies who takes dressing code seriously and ensures thier workers have serious of dresses which must be worn on a specific day.
And this same company refuses to pay workers at the right time.
This is very bad and this makes various Nigerians angry.

When Internet Network Providers Keep overcharging Nigerians without pity.

I could remember vividly, last year I just purchased a new sim and they promised to give me 100% bonus as soon as I recharged my line.
As soon as I recharged my card and started making calls,less than 7 mins, I was told I didn’t have enough credit to complete the call.
Just imagine, where did the bonus vanishes to, this is one of the most annoying things that makes Nigerians very angry.
That goes with internet data subscription too, they would promise to give you a specific amount of data at a good rate but the rate at which the data would finish would make you angry.

When NEPA/BEDC refuses to bring light.

This is the most annoying thing that makes Nigerians angry, infact I could say that nepa official s are the most cursed persons in Nigeria because they do the light in such a way that it annoys Nigerians.
Especially when nepa keeps flashing the light and at the end of the day they don’t later bring the flight.

Although we all know that power supply in Nigeria isn’t steady and the government isn’t doing anything to solve the problem.

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