The Centre for Memories set to launch new art exhibition in partnership with Lagos-based artist, Chuma Anagbado

Centre For Memories (CFM) Gallery are set to be thrown open to the public as the CFM, in partnership with Chuma Anagbado, unveils a new exciting exhibition titled “MMỤỌ” on Saturday, August 14, 2021, at 12 NOON WAT (UTC +1).

Masquerades play a very huge role in the general worldview, the traditional religion and the spirituality of the Igbo people. Masquerades are believed to represent ancestral spirits, and are sometimes called “spirits” to reflect this belief.

The costumes, songs, poetry, dance, proverbs and other displays that accompany their performances, embody the essence of Igbo culture, history and civilization. Masquerades themselves are complex beings embodying Igbo performative art, knowledge systems and the sublime existence between the worlds of the spirits and the living. In pre-colonial Igbo communities, masks and masquerades helped to maintain balance and order by fighting crimes, enforcing laws, instilling values and administering justice.

As a way of reviving interest in Igbo culture, preserving the art form and situating them in modernity, the Centre For Memories, a non-profit organization and an Igbo Cultural hub on a mission to promote Igbo language and culture, is curating the art of Chuma Anagbado in an exhibition titled; MMỤỌ. Since inception, CFM has collaborated with museums, memory centers and artists from across the globe to design and implement world-class exhibitions with audio, visual and interactive sections, which informs, inspires and transforms our visitors, ensuring that they share their experiences and keep coming back.

Mmuo, which translates to ‘spirit’ forms an apt theme for this month-long Solo Contemporary Art Exhibition on Igbo Masquerading, Spirituality, Performance & Visual Resonance. It is a presentation of multi-sensorial aspects of Igbo masquerading – movement, sounds, materials, masks and scent.

This Exhibition opens on August 14 and runs till September 14, 2021

Opening Day: Saturday, August 14, 2021

Time: 12:00 PM WAT (UTC +1)

Venue: Centre for Memories. 2 Awgu Street, Independence Layout, Enugu

Registration link:

To learn more about the activities of the Centre for Memories, kindly visit our website: You can also visit to learn more about the exhibiting artist, Chuma Anagbado. For sponsorship or partnership, call 08144580267 or 07031587185.

Ifeoma Nnamani

Programs Officer

Centre for Memories – Ncheta Ndigbo

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