Tips on how to have a Productive week

tips on how to have a productive week

Hi there, am ObedFX from and it’s Monday let me say Money day again. some of us are sad the weekend has come to an end haha…

you have to accept it, get up let’s get back to work hehe. yeah, so I decided to drop these tips on – how to have a productive week. listen, I don’t want you to stay ideal doing anything new this new week.

Tips on How To Have a Productive week

so I want us to make this new week a meaningful one for us all. yeah so here are some great tips on how to have a productive week ahead

  • Map out a new week plan – try to schedule your time to achieve some certain plans you failed to meet up with his new week
  • Learn a new skill this week: Yeah that you are a worker isn’t an excuse not to engage in the online world. we all know how digital the world has become recently. so being in the position of a smartphone that is not fetching you money is wrong.
  • Some easy to do high paying skills like: Website design, graphic design, Blogging ,marketing and so much more can be learnt at any place you found yourself. that’s why we have Youtube
  • Never stop learning – there is a saying that says learning never ends. yeah, and it’s absolutely correct. one of the reasons you are not improving in your career is that you failed to study more so as to be up to date on your niche and also to help you function effectively.
  • Try to render help online – one thing about working online is you are being entitled to different opportunities daily so as you encounter with people try to be of value to them and by so doing you will be greasing your pocked on a daily basis
  • Work and pray – as we are doing our different works daily in order to earn a living let us not forget to pray so as to allow our Creator to take charge.

Don’t be like one of a lady I heard a story about as she wants to travel with her friends on a journey, her mum called her and said ‘’Allow God to take in control’’ She replied – Mum there is no space for God to stay except in the back of the car [car boot]. Sady as the journey began there had an accident leading to the car being damaged totally except the boot she gave God to stay, so let us not be like her.

So with these little tips, I hope it will help make our week productive.

What’s your plan on how to have a productive week? Let us talk in the comment section.

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  1. ObedFX

    2 years ago

    Hope you enjoyed and you got value guys.
    Lets know your plan in comment section so we can go with it also 😊


  2. Uche

    2 years ago

    Thanks For This Good Piece, Expecting More From You Soon


  3. leo

    3 months ago

    thanks for this wonderful tip


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