15 Ways to show your wife that you still love and care about her

15 Ways to show your wife that you still love and care about her

After marriage, many men often forget what it took them to get that special woman of their dreams. Because of the numerous activities involved in putting food on the table as a family man, they often forget to care as much as they used to without even realising it.

Being married is a beautiful journey but while marriage is an amazing experience, the challenges may throw you off balance when you do not realise it on time and if great care is not taken.

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Long-term love, such as that experienced in marriage, is different from the giddiness and exhilaration that comes early on in a relationship, as a lot will definitely change after marriage.

The ups and downs that you and your partner experience in life have a way of concealing the depth of your love and admiration for one another. Still, it’s important to show your wife how much you care even in the midst of these everyday tasks.

Regardless of how you are manoeuvring through your daily activities, if the love you once had for your wife before marriage is still there, you should still be able to provide unwavering care and attention at all times.

You must know that when it comes to maintaining the romantic connection between two people, it’s not only the major things that count; the tiny things matter just as much such as everyday little acts of kindness and appreciation.

Below are some fifteen simple things you can do to show your wife that you still care.

  1. Active Listening: One thing your woman will definitely appreciate is when you are always there for her, not just physically but also mentally. Listen to her when she is telling you about her recent challenges without interrupting, showing genuine interest in her words. Let her nurture the feeling that she can always come to you when she needs someone to hear her out.
  2. Unplanned Date Nights: Another thing you can do to show your wife that the love is still strong is to schedule unplanned special events once in a while. You can surprise her by planning a special evening out or even a cosy movie night at home. Most women will love and cherish this for a long time. Doing this regularly often strengthens and encourages reliability between two lovers.
  3. Leave Love Notes: Being old-fashioned every once in a while such as deciding to write her a love note instead of using the short messaging services that come with the latest technology can give a lovely smile that will linger on her face all day. You will appreciate her attitude after doing this.
  4. Share the Load: Remember that your wife is a partner and not your lesser half. If you love her truly, you should not wait until she is overwhelmed with loads of house chores before lending a hand. A strong woman might put on an attitude that says she is totally fine but she still needs you and for this, you must not wait until you are asked to step in.
  5. Walk Down Memory Lane: One special way of showing your wife that you still care is by reliving special moments together. On special occasions of your chosen, you could perhaps watch your old wedding video or gather your photo albums and have some good laughs together while going through them together.
  6. Gifts from the Heart: Most women love gifts especially if it is from the bottom of your heart. And the beauty of this simple way of showing love is that you do not have to spend all of your life savings to get her some adorable presents. If you can afford the luxurious type of gifts, by all means get it for her but know that it is mostly the feelings and intention that matters, not the money. Even a hand-picked flower might be valuable. Learn to purchase her things from a heartfelt place.
  7. Public Appreciation: Do not just praise her for her good deeds within the confines of your home or bedroom. Making her feel genuinely special by complimenting her or expressing your affection for her in front of other people may make a big difference. Do these when you are among your close friends or family and you will make her feel valued and respected.
  8. Dedicated Time: A lot of potential issues that could become problematic can be resolved quickly if you have regular time set aside for little talks. Schedule regular “us” time, whether it is for a conversation over coffee or a leisurely stroll.
  9. Understand Her Needs: Have a space for her in your draughts of the plans and the budgets you’re making for the whole family, and make sure you understand her needs. You might also investigate the five love languages in order to figure out what it is that makes her feel the most loved.
  10. Her Day, Her Way: Plan a special day for her in which she may celebrate the things that she enjoys doing in her own unique way.
  11. Support Her Dreams: Giving love and caring to one another involves giving one other the support their aspirations require. You should encourage her to pursue her passions and aspirations, even if it means trying a new pastime or switching careers.
  12. Say ‘I’m Sorry’: It is important to acknowledge when you are in the wrong and to have the ability to apologise without allowing your ego to get in the way. When things don’t go as planned, a sincere apology might help patch things up.
  13. Value Her Views: Respecting each other as individuals and as partners in a love relationship is one of the most essential components. Always give her viewpoint weight and take it into consideration, especially when making choices that will impact both of you.
  14. Learn and Grow Together: This is a forever journey and along the line, you should take up a few new hobbies together and you’ll both be able to learn and grow together doing this. This experience together has the potential to deepen your connection. You might teach yourself how to play chess, write music, or gain any other skill or information that would be beneficial to your development.

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