Fame: What happened to these popular Nigerian singers?

Fame: What happened to these popular Nigerian singers?

The level of the Nigerian music at this point is fire! Everywhere you go, Afrobeats and numerous other emanating melodies are taking over.

From local hangouts to big parties, our artists keep dropping party that keep everyone dancing. And if you want it slow, the likes of Johny Drille and Tiwa Savage will get you covered.

But staying at the top in this industry isn’t easy. Some artists burst onto the scene, drop massive hits, but after a while, they find it tough to keep up with the ever-changing game.

Every day, new talents are emerging, bringing fresh vibes. And when they release one hit song, fans expect the next one to be even better. It’s a big challenge! Imagine having one popular song and feeling the pressure to release another banger right after.

But not just to enter the music scene is the challenge, staying relevant, consistently releasing hits, and avoiding drama – that’s the real hustle.

While some artists can handle the heat, others struggle to stay afloat. It doesn’t mean they lack talent; sometimes, life just happens. Let’s check out ten Naija artists who made big waves but later faced challenges:

  1. Ice Prince: After dropping the iconic “Oleku,” which topped charts for weeks, Ice Prince became a household name. He headlined shows and concerts, scooping awards including the prestigious BET Award for Best International Act. But following a string of other tracks that didn’t quite hit as hard, coupled with label challenges and controversies around his personal life, his spotlight began to fade slightly. He’s still in the game, yet the roaring buzz from his prime days seems dimmer.
  2. Brymo: Brymo’s voice and style are undeniably unique. Tracks like “Ara” and “Down” were massive successes. He also faced his fair share of controversies, especially his exit from the Chocolate City label which sparked a lot of debates. While he continues to make music that’s rich and evocative, the mainstream limelight has shifted.
  3. Naeto C: “Kini Big Deal” and “Tony Montana” were massive hits that set Naeto C as a unique voice in Nigerian music. He was a regular at major concerts and bagged a number of awards. However, with time, his releases became less frequent. Personal endeavors and a lesser focus on music might be reasons for his reduced presence.
  4. Tony Tetuila: This golden-haired singer once ruled the airwaves with hits like “My Car.” He enjoyed a series of successful albums and awards. But as the afrobeats evolution began, his sound and presence started getting overshadowed. Controversies, like disputes over rights to certain songs, also played a part in his retreat.
  5. Banky W: The king of Nigerian R&B had a successful run with tracks like “Strong Thing” and “Yes/No.” His shows were sold out, and awards poured in. But then he ventured into film, got involved in politics, and faced a major health scare. All these factors might have pulled him away from consistent music releases.
  6. Duncan Mighty: After “Fake Love” with Wizkid, he regained prominence. Duncan Mighty was once a staple in concerts across the Niger Delta and beyond. However, controversies surrounding his collaborations and personal life made headlines, which might have caused him to step back a bit.
  7. Iyanya: With “Kukere” and his unforgettable waist dance, Iyanya was everywhere. He bagged awards, headlined shows, and was a mainstay on the charts. But disputes with his record label, controversies around his relationships, and less impactful subsequent releases affected his blazing trail.
  8. Sinzu: Sinzu, previously known as Sauce Kid, was a force in Nigerian rap. Tracks like “Carolina” put him on the map. But personal challenges, including legal issues abroad, affected his career momentum.
  9. Olu Maintain: After dropping the anthem “Yahooze,” Olu Maintain enjoyed immense success, with concerts home and abroad. However, later tracks didn’t quite resonate the same way. Some controversies, including disputes about song ownership, also made the news.
  10. Dr Sid: A key member of the Mavins, Dr Sid had hits like “Surulere” that were everywhere. He enjoyed award nominations and was a regular at major shows. However, after a while, he seemed to drift into a quieter phase, perhaps focusing on personal growth and family.

The Nigerian music industry is constantly growing and is a bit more competitive now than it used to be, and the pressure can be intense. But these artists, with their unique stories, have indelibly shaped the Nigerian music scene.

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