Employment in Nigeria:Big challenges which graduates faces before securing jobs.

The number of unemployed graduates in Nigeria is high and the pace of joblessness in Nigeria is very disturbing. A research has uncovered that more than 90,000 individuals, which is around 47 percent of Nigeria’s college graduates are jobless in the nation that is thought of, Africa’s biggest economy.

The facts confirm that the pace of joblessness in Nigeria is very disturbing. In any event, when, a study has uncovered that more than 90,000 individuals, which is around 47 percent of Nigeria’s college graduates are jobless in the nation that is thought of, Africa’s biggest economy.

Absence of Employability skills

One of the significant reasons why most Nigerian graduates are unemployable is on the grounds that most Nigerian graduate are said to have some skills aside from the one the studied at the university,some sort of aptitudes that could ensure work.

Thus,I can say that most graduate in Nigeria graduate without some important skills.

So until the Nigerian government investigate the issue and find the best waysto proffer answer for this alarming issue, by improving the educational sector of Nigeria, the issue of joblessness in the Nigeria will keep on staying a thing of worry in Nigeria if proper steps are not taken.

Inability To Place Emphasis On Entrepreneurship as part of secondary School Curriculum

The Problems in the Nigerian educational sector has been distinguished as one issue that has added to the reasons why most Nigerian graduates are unemployed.

The issue here is that proper attention isn’t being given to the educational sector.

For example, so much emphasis have been placed on theoretical education rather than practicals, teachers doesn’t practicalise the theory which is really bad.. This is really bad and if nothing is being done to curb this issue, there would be a very large amount of unemployed graduates.

Low quality of teaching

Lost priority in Education in Nigeria is another reason behind why Nigerian youths are jobless. This is basically because what students are being taught today are no longer useful in the society

As the world is advancing daily, machines have replaced human being, so if students are being taught what the machines now do is very bad.

This is why the educational sector needs to be well funded and upgraded, if it is possible to invite international teachers to come elighten Nigeria teachers on what to do, this would be very good, or rather if Nigerian teachers could go abroad to learn.

Irrelevancy of programs being taught in Nigeria schools

One of the significant reasons why most Nigerian graduates are unemployed is on the grounds that a large portion of projects being done in the Nigerian colleges are irrelevant, which are not attractive in the work market today.

If one may be asked why the Nigeria educational sector is like this,the leaders are to be questioned.

How will More than 200,000 graduates are graduated yearly without anything special brought to the general public, or who couldn’t make occupations for themselves, and not being able to start a business of their own or who don’t have the essential information that promises them business. It is very dad

Having experiences before one secure a job.

One important reason behind the joblessness of graduates in Nigeria is the rule that one needs to have enough experience before one can be employed

Most company would require you to submit proves of where you previously work trying to know if you have enough experience, and most graduates which graduates recently have no experiences like such.
For example a student graduates early this year and wants to secure a job at a company and the company is requesting for someone with 3 to 4 years experience.

Student aren’t taught the new and updated knowledge due to the lack of training by the lecturer.

Like I mentioned earlier, students are supposed to be taught the new methods but due to the lack of training from the lecturer’s side, they are being taught old information and this is really affecting the quality of education being passed unto the students.

Some Graduates Lacks Mental And Practical Skills

Another reason why most graduates are unemployed is that they lack the mental and practical skills, they only rely on the theoretical aspect they are being taught and they need the practical skills
for fundamentall social ability, and essential formative expertise to really work productively and successfully in any alloted work at the work environment. So this issue has been recognized as one of the issues that have added to why most Nigerian graduates are unemployed.

Lack of knowledge on how to seek for jobs

Another reason is that most of graduates in Nigeria Lacks knowledge of how to seek for jobs.
For example a student who graduated this year and is still expecting or waiting to see job vacancies on bill boards before he or she applies for job

The internet is there to help them seek for jobs directly from thier home or to submit thier curriculum vitae to different companies.

Bad Quality Of Education in Nigeria

Another mbig reason behind the joblessness of Nigerian graduates is that the quality of education is very low and
it needs urgent revival.
And the government isn’t carrying the necessary steps to solve this alarming issue

What is the hope of Nigeria when 70% of students who graduated yearly were given low quality of education, how would it affect our present economy.

Outdated Curricula

The educational sector is making use of outdated Curricula you teach students, how would the students be updated when they are being taught using the old method.

Thus, most Nigerian students are found needing as far as current abilities and information that drive Nigeria’s work market.

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