Woman left heartbroken after finding out husband married her as a result of ‘bet’ with friends

Woman express utmost pain after finding out that her husband married here as a result of a bet he had with his friends.

The lady who claimed to be a virgin till the night of her marriage narrated that she thought keeping herself for her husband was the ultimate trophy unknown to her that it was just a game to her husband.

The development in her marriage, however, led her to give another man attention and was caught once by her husband.

Read the full narration below …

“My husband used me for sxx. He marrried me as a trophy wife. I got to find out it was a bet between him and his retarded immature friends. He married me a virgin, I’m very beautiful with all the right Anal appeal.

I thought I could escape being used for sxx because of my beauty, that was why I decided to remain a virgin until I get married. I never knew this my beauty is a curse to me.

The moment I had a son for my husband, he started treating me like a dirt bag, goes out and sometimes doesn’t sleep home for no good reasons. He gives me zero attention and leaves me all by myself with my son.

I’m a woman who has needs but he will go and be satisfying other women outside. I didn’t do this to retaliate but I met someone else who loves me for me and not my beauty. Gives me all the care and attention.

My husband caught me cheating on him with him, he wanted to kill himself. I never knew he cared this much about me or is he just trying to eat his cake and still have it?

Well, I just told myself the marriaae is over cos when a man cheats. it’s normal but when a woman cheats it’s an abomination, so I want to just leave him and carry my abomination and go be with the love of my life whom I’m currently carrying his baby and he can’t wait for us to welcome the baby together, unlike my husband who abandoned me when I was pregnant.

He came to see me in the hospital two days after I delivered claiming busy. Bottom line is my husband is begging me and asking for forgiveness. He wants me back and he doesn’t want divorce.

He is being nice to me now and giving me all the care and attention. He’s like a changed man, I don’t know if he’s acting it or if he’s real. I told him about the pregnancy, he said we will scale through it. I’m confused. The pregnancy hasn’t gone far.

Should I abort it and start over with my husband or just insist on the divorce and move on. Pls I need advice. Advise me like a sister that has erred. Correct me, scold me but tell me what to do if it were you or your sister.”

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