Zealot – Salome (Lyrics)

Zealot – Salome Lyrics

We present to you the Lyrics to Zealot brand new single titled “Salome”.

For the Purpose of Zealot fans and our users here we bring to you the lyrics to the song ‘Salome’.

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Zealot – Salome Lyrics.

EH nah nah
Bad man Zee
Who know who know eh eh

Salomi Salomi Salome (hmmm yeh eh)
Salomi Salomi Salome (Edinadinaaanahh)
Salomi Salomi Salome (Saloooo Salooo)
Salomi Salomi Salome (hmmm yeh eh)

Salomi Salo my Salome eh e

You know I′m not too good at this
Loving wey Dey need practice (loving wey Dey need practice)
Girl you fit to be my teacher oh no eh
Every single step I take
Every single move I make
Know it’s all for you
Anything you want I get
Sha mo pesha lo bade
All because of you

Salomi salomi salome (oh nah nah nah nah nah)
Salomi Salomi salome (Oh no no)
Salomi Salomi salome (Saloo Salo)
Salomi Salo my Salome ehh

Bachelor Bachelor
Girl I′m a bachelor (Girl I’m a ba)
Make me your Chaperon
Je ka ma bashelo (Oh na)
This e no be fantasy (this e no be fantasy)
This e no be fallacy eh (this e no be fallacy)
You know the way I like that thing (know the way I like)
69 like Tekashi (eh eh)
Everything I want she’s got
She′s plenty for front and her back is bad o
Can′t be more satisfied
I’m not losing you never not this time
(Tell me what I no know)
She sey she Dey miss me (she Dey miss she Dey miss)
And I know sey she miss me
She sey she Dey need me eh
Dey need me
Oh na nah

Salomi Salomi Salome (didididididi)
Salomi Salomi Salome (Eh eh eh ye eh)
Salomi Salo my Salome(Salomi Salomi Salo o)

I Dey miss I Dey miss you eh(Salomi Salomi Salome)
Girl you know sey I need you eh nah nah nah eh
Salooooo(Salomi Salo my Salome)
Salooo oh oh oh (Salomi salo my Salome)

Who know who know no know
Bad Man Zee
Bad Man Zealot

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