Business ideas to start a local business with little capital in Nigeria

In this article, I would be showing you different business ideas which could yield a great income for you.

If you have saved around 50 to 100,000 naira and you might be thinking of which profitable business to start with the money.
Some would have the thought of investing the money but that won’t yield enough money as starting a profitable business which would make you a millionaire.

From my 1 week thorough research, I have been able to discover some profitable business ideas which you could start a business with easily.

I would be stating them below:

Phones charging

As most of us know that in Nigeria, the electricity supply is poor and unstable especially in the rural areas.  In this present modern age, people would want to easily get in touch with people either for personal or business reasons especially in this era that most persons are addicted to social media and would always do without thier smartphones or tablets.

So because of lack of power supply, they would always look for fastest way to get thier phones charged.
If you intend on starting this business, it would be better you target the rural areas which doesn’t have constant power supply.

Sales Of Smartphone Accessories

Selling of Smartphone accessories is a business you can start with as low as 60,000 naira, you just need to look for a place where the accessories is being sold at a wholesales price or if possible the company producing the product, then you take it to the market for sale.

This kind of business is quite lucrative and very profitable because you could easily get accessories to buy and sell within a short period of time.

Restaurant or Food canteen business

In the city, students , teachers and workers would always want to have lunch in the afternoon, not everyone takes lunch from home, they look for the nearest restaurant or food canteen, then purchase food there.
It’s better you make your food delicious and tasty to attract more customers, also if you could target a good location that seems to be very busy, you would be making a lot of sales daily

Juice production

In the city, there is usually a higher demand for fruit juice because not everyone likes the all these drinks which are more concentrated with sugar, they love something natural and rich.
Fruit cannot be easily accessible in the city, it is more plentious in the rural areas.
So if you could go to the rural areas and be purchasing fruits in bulk, then bring to the city, process it into fruits then sell it chilled, this would earn you a good amount of money.
This is even a business one can start with a sum of 30,000 naira.

Soap production.

Soap production is a easy skill to learn, it might not even take up to a week to learn it.
Even it is now being taught as practicals in secondary schools so it could serve as another means of income when students graduate from the University.
I could remember a lecturer who teaches chemistry once told me that he has a soap production company and he invests most of his salary into it, he said he uses his knowledge of chemistry to produce very special and nice soaps.
You could start this business with a very small amount of money.

Sale of Food Stuff in retails

This is what some uneducated or partly women does in Nigeria, they purchase a large quantity of food stuffs at a wholesales price, then sells it at a retail price, if you go to the market, you would find different women selling foodstuffs.

For example a bag of rice consist of 30bowls of rice and they might by it at a lower rate, then sell it it a higher rate, gaining almost half of the amount they used in purchasing the bag of rice.
Although this kind of business is kind of competitive but there is a great demand for it because this is something which is consumed daily by everyone.
The best way to do this is to search for an area in which there are few or no Person doing this kind of business.

Sales of Palm Oil in Retail prices

We all know that Palm oil is a popular commodity in the market that the price fluctuates because it is seasonal.
An advantage here is that Palm oil doesn’t spoil if it’s kept in a cool and dry place and is well preserved, the best way to do this is to purchase gallons of Palm oils when it is very cheap then sell it at a higher price when it is very scarce.
Palm oil is readily available during the rainy season and this is the best time to buy it and always scarce during the dry season, this is the best time to sell it.

Barbeque Business

The night is usually busy especially in the cities because most persons are just coming back from work while some are visiting different centres to have fun.
This is the best time to sell barbecue and the best location for this is in front of a club or restaurant which always seems to be busy.
You don’t need to start whistling to customers to come and purchase from you, the aroma of the barbecue would attract them to you.
Indeed this is a very lucrative business which seems to be eternally profitable if there isn’t any competition in your location.

Breeding and rearing of Dogs

People rear dogs for different purposes, it could be for security or meat purpose.
Rich men always do without having aggressive dogs in thier compound for security purposes.
If you are breeding and training dogs, this would earn you money because you might be contacted by anyone who needs dogs

Rearing Of Pigs

There is always a great demands for pork especially in the southern part of Nigeria because this people find pork meat to be very rich and protenious so they can’t just do without it.

A mother, according to reviews could lay up to 8 to 10 piglets at once, they are known to be very productive. A young female piglet goes for around 40 to 50,000 naira in Nigeria.

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