Expert strategies to get more subscribers and followers to your ecommerce website in Nigeria.

Give quality E-book for free

Publish an Ebook which treats an indispensable issue that is trending on your guests list.

Put short survey structures in your landing page and on important pages your website visitors visit frequently and request that they mention to you what they need the most, what keeps them conscious and active during the night and the data and information they wish they could get their hands on to tackle the issue.

As you get input to the surveys, assembled them with remarks to your articles, and do research to make an ebook that meets your visitors urgent needs.

Since the ebook ideas originated from your visitor’s created reactions, it will resound with guests who couldn’t imagine anything better than to get their hands on it rapidly.

Tell your visitors that you have composed an ebook on top demanding request and instruct them to fill in thier name and email on your landing page, or some other pages, so that they would be able to receive the requested ebook.

Send them the ebook once they confirm their memberships.

Use Auto-responders from email providers

Use Auto-responders to get individuals to lift their hands as they do in a classroom when a Teacher decides to ask a question.

This strategy has been tested and is guaranteed by me, this is what most affliate and network marketers make use of to boost thier sales. This is a decent technique for how to construct email list for advertising in Nigeria.

This is the best way to do it below.

a) Choose an Auto-responder

To begin with, pick an autoresponder that addresses your issues and costs less from well known ones in the market.
There are many auto responder softwares out there which delivers the best.
For example, Aweber, Convertkite, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, and so on. Another special one I know and make us of is SendPulse – it’s a multi-channel stage that offers mass email usefulness in addition to other things.

b) Prepare a good Report

Secondly, compose a free uncommon report for likely subscribrs of your email list. With the hope that they would love it, before you know it, they would start accepting and subscribing to your your Newsletter

c) Create an Attractive marketing Page

Thirdly, make a very beautiful page with some plugins like elementator wp page bakery builder to build a short marketing page to convince visitors to download the unique report you are promising to give for free before the restricted time offer lapses, you could also use a countdown timer plugin to add a countdown timer to the page.

Paste the opt-in code inside the page to get emails of guests. Next, send them to the unique reports landing page and request that visitors fill thier names and emails into the box for the unique reports to be delivered to thier mail.

d) Start a Marketing Campaign for the marketing Page

lastly, start a marketing campaign for the marketing page. You could utilize either the free or the paid options to drive visitors to your marketing page. That implies utilizing top class Forums or paying for an advertisement.

I)Using Top class Forums

You can get traffic by registering in a top class forum websites, fill in a complete profile, publish trending posts of great value in the forum, and try to look professional to other guests in the forum.
You could make use of popular forums like nairaland.

Most forums do have signature section attached to profile, you could edit your signature to include your website and the marketing page url, this could drive massive traffic to the page.
You have to give value to get something valuable, so it’s better you post valuable informations on the forum

ii) Paying for Advertisement on different ads network

Visit Google AdWords and pay for advertisement utilizing pay-per-click to drive focused Geo traffic to your marketing page. This will cost you some cash but I can guarantee that you would recover it back.

You could make use of utim Facebook Sponsored Ads., to send focused leads to your marketing page, or promote in Facebook and AdWords if you have enough cash to do a such, facebook ads start from as low as 1$.

Publish guest Posts in Top and reputable Websites

If you are very professional, you could be hired by those websites to publish quality guests post for the best web news journals and sites in similar Niches as your website and their guests would
also follow and be interested in your site.

To exploit guests from top sites and web journals you compose for, make a profile and connect your unique document that connects to your webssite, and marketing presentation page, to catch their messages.

Put a little convincing form inside the marketing pages’ presentation page, and offer guests a digital book in return for buying in for your Newsletter. Ensure you make a route for guests to visit your legitimate landing page once they finish the section on the marketing page

Put a bold button code, for example, “click here to visit landing page now” and use treats to perceive this guest whenever the person visits the site, so they can go directly to your Homepage.

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